Bass Trombone and Tuba Mouthpieces

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    For Sale
    Category: Mouthpieces

    Description: Michael Rath; S4 1/2 ; S 5 both small shank in leather pouches.
    V.BACH; 2G , 32E ,BACH copy 24AW.
    Denis Wick; OOAL Bass Tbn/Tuba
    All mouthpieces as new @ half new price plus £5-10 shipping.
    Description: Greg Black Mouthpieces;
    Small Shank;5c, 5gs
    Large Shank; 6M (Allessi), 5G m, 4.5G-5G, 4.5G m,
    BassTbn. ; 2G m (deep) 1.5 G m (Mt. Vernon copy)
    Monette (Which I bought as an original, but possibly a copy) 4TT which means it is slightly shallower than a normal 4 and therefore easy top register.
    All in new condition £90.00 including shipping
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