Bass Trombone Air-varies

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Ditchda, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. Ditchda

    Ditchda New Member

    Does anybody know any air-varies that are about grade 5-6 standard?
    Preferably in bass clef! :)
  2. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    For bass trombone. or just in bass clef? There is a difference!

    If it's bass clef, then there's lots of Arthur Pryor stuff out there, but I think you might struggle for actual bass trombone pieces, as the genre of the Air Varie belongs to the same era of the G trombone, and not many people knew how it worked (including some who played it!).
  3. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    "Lucy Long" was a good one, but I don't know the composer or the publisher if, indeed, it is still in print.
    - Wilkie
  4. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    Air-varie... Grade 5-6 standard...

    Don't think those two criteria overlap very much!
  5. elkartian

    elkartian New Member

  6. Woodpecker

    Woodpecker New Member

    I have recollections of a Salvation Army Bass Trom solo (in bass clef) about this standard a little like an Air Varie. It is called "The Passing Years". You should be able to get this from SP&S or World of Brass. It used to be in one of their trombone albums so I'm sure they will also be able to supply piano or band parts as well.
  7. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    It was written by Kenneth Cook, and has been recorded by Doug Yeo, amongst others. It's not particularly tricky but quite enjoyable for both player and audience - just one word of warning: the piano accompaniment is pretty tricky, trying to fit in all the elements from the band original!
  8. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Hmmmm, I was waiting on someone mentioning the classic air varie In Cellar Cool arranged by William Rimmer.
  9. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    Unfortunately for you, young man, you are too impatient. That was going to be my suggestion - having stolen it from the bass trombonist on many occasions. ;)
  10. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Young? :woo

    There's loads of 'modern' bass trom solos available though ... just get recordings of the likes of Bill Reichenbach, Jos Jansen, Dave Taylor (... could be our tMPer, but not him ... or maybe?), Ben van Dijk etc. to sense the repertoire!
  11. Ditchda

    Ditchda New Member

    So long as it's in bass clef and it's not horrifically difficult I'm not particularly fussed tbh.
  12. Ditchda

    Ditchda New Member

    I'm finding an album with it on everywhere but no-one seems to do the sheet music :confused:
  13. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

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