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  1. Hello,

    Have just decided to play a solo in some up an coming concerts.

    Have pulled out of our library Wandrin' Star, Lazy Bones and Bonanza. Upto now i like Wandrin' Star.

    Some one else has told me to try Minnie the Moocher. Does anyone in my area have a copy that i could take a peek at?
  2. andybt1984

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    Wanderin' Star is a good choice, it was my first solo and always goes down well. Have you tried a piece called 'Mr Nice Guy' ?
  3. Yeah im a fan of Wanderin' Star too!

    and for a bit of cheese what about 'i wanna be like you' from the jungle book!
  4. Minnie the moocher is a fantastic bass trom solo

    i have played it many times and always enjoy it

    it is a fairly easy solo after a fair amount of practice, but you do need to be confident and fairly good on the lower register

    here is a link for the score which goes up to nearly half way through the piece if it is any help

    unfortunately on this part it does not go up to the low bits (apart from one note) so just to say it goes down to the Bb below the stave

    it is a good crowd pleaser too

    hope this helps you

  5. Bass Man

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    Always goes down well with a crowd
  6. i agree
  7. BbBill

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    "If I Were a Rich Man"
    Father Neptune
    Bass in the Ballroom
    Rainy Day in Rio
  8. Mujician

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    In the hall of the mountain king - published by warwick music. Fantastic jazzy version of it, played by Doug Yeo. Do it!!!!! I have a copy - but nobody wants me to play (if anyone needs a bassbone in the midlands (eastish) area - give me a shout!)!!!!
  9. Thanks to everyone who has posted up to now.

    If you could also tell me who they are available from, that would be great. I can then try and have a look at them on t'internet.

    I am quite a character in the band so a cheesy solo would probably suit me!! hehe!!
  10. 08cbinns

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    Wot about 'in the hall of the mountain king'
    Or for christmas time 'frosty the snowman'
  11. minnie the moocher, wandrin star and i wanna be like yo are availiable from mostyn music (musikverlag frank ch)

    if i were a rich man, wandrin star availiable from

    rainy day in rio etc. from studio music

    cheesy solo? well minnie the moocher is a sleezy as it gets
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    Hey Scooby, We're thinking of getting "If I Were a Rich Man" for Matt Shaw. I believe it's arranged by Sandy Smith so should be good! We will be doing it on 19th April - could lend it you after that if you want a look?
  13. Adamskied

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    Wandrin star

    Which one is it? Cause i would love to play the Wandrin Star that was played at
    the Granada band of the year contest on TV, have a recording of it and its fantastic.

    Does anyone know this one? If they do can a copy be got???

  14. shaunbasstrom

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    Rainy day in rio is a good one. also one called ' I only have eyes for you' which is a nice little number...shaun.
  15. that would be great, just send me a pvt when your done and i will pop down to a rehearsal and borrow it. Thanks for the offer!!
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    " Over There and "Far Away" are good bass trom solo's....
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    If you're looking for something more serious "Proclamation" by Gordon Langford is a good blow, not too hard but bits need looking at and a full range (pedal G to high Ab I think) or if you've access to a G trom there's a old SA one called The Passing Years:biggrin:
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    I'm pretty sure (but please don't quote me on this) that there's an arrangement of Bizet's Toreador Song and i 'think' it's for Euphonium and Bass trom, but not sure.

    Am willing to be proved wrong
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