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  1. Am looking to get a new mouthpiece for a Bass Trom to help me thrutch some of the pedal notes a bit better. Does anyone have any ideas any which one(s) i could look at?

    TIMBONE Active Member

    To me, the answer is a simple one. Go for a Dennis Wick 'silver', no smaller than a 2AL. If you can still fill the instrument on a 'D' above the first ledger line with a 'one & a half', all the better. I have even known players to cope with a 1AL!
  3. Bassbones

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    I have just changed my mouthpiece in the last few weeks,going from a VB1G to a YAMAHA Doug Yeo signature.I can honestly say it's the finest mouthpiece I have ever played on.It's the same size as the 1G but the different contours of the rim makes it feel slightly smaller.Somebody once told me the VB Bass trom mouthpieces are cut from the same blanks as the tenor ones so the larger sizes get increasingly thin,not sure if this is the case.The Yeo has a more comfortable rim and a greater mass which I find helps maintain power throughout the bottom register without affecting the top end.Try as many things as you can I'm not a huge fan of Wick mouthpieces not saying there no good but they don't suit me!.
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    Bass Trombone mouthpieces

    You will only reach your goal by assiduous practice. Bass Trombone mouthpieces in general use vary from 26.75mm to 29 mm in diameter.You will find 'the one' for you by trial and error.There are pluses and minuses with all sizes of mouthpieces.
    I don't think anything other than'go for a mouthpiece with a larger volume cup' is useful because mouthpieces must be selected by the individual for the purpose required.
  5. Brian Kelly

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    I am perfectly happy on my Vincent Bach 11/4G, which I switched to at the end of June. Having said that,

    1) What suits me may not be what's best for you

    2) Take heed of the sage advice from Spanky Rear.

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