Bass Trom / E Flat or B flat Bass, West or South Yorks., Champ

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  1. Rob Newton
    contact me on 01484 328783 or E-mail

    Instruments Played: Bass Trombone, E Flat Bass or B Flat Bass (at a push)

    Comfortable Section: Champ or lower on Bass Trombone or E Flat Bass, B Flat Bass 1st or lower

    Notice Required: For Huddersfield Area, maybe less than a few days. anywhere else as much notice as possible (week to a fortnight)

    Present Band: Hade Edge

    Present Section: Champ, going to 1st

    Current Position: Principal E Flat Bass, Occaisionally Bass Trombone

    Willing to Travel: I'm more than willing to use Trains providing i could receive expenses to cover this

    Transport: see above. Also, I am willing to walk to anywhere around Huddersfield Town Centre to facilitate lifts

    Expenses: see 'willing to travel'. As i play for the love of it, i would not ask for many expenses. However, all donations would be greatly received ...

    Other Information: I do own a Bass Trombone, but a Tuba would have to be provided for me ( I have my own Tuba mouthpiece )

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