BASS PLAYERS! Boosey & Hawkes Imperial EEb bass (silver plate + 19 inch bell)

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    Unfortunately (for me), my B&H Imperial EEb bass (silver plate with 19 inch bell and original medium bore) is for sale. Very sad to have to do this, but needs must (physically cannot afford rent/bills/food), and having joined a decent band, I have access to a Besson Sovereign to use for anything I need it for.
    I don't have any specific pictures to post here, but I can email them to you if you like - PM me. There are a few knocks and dents in the usual places and a minor crease in the bell - none of which affect the sound/playability. I contacted 2 separate companies for repair work, and to knock the dents out will probably be less than £300 - but I never had any problems playing in brass bands, small brass ensembles and my university orchestra. I was also quoted £30 to have the receiver changed to a modern large bore, which may be of interest to those seeking a more wide, Sovereign-like tone.
    If you have the funds (I don't), getting the dents knocked out, a Sovereign style leadpipe put on and potentially the Fletcher cut (to compensate for the larger leader) would result in an incredible bass - rivalling the Sovereign/Neo/Maestro ranges. It's an excellent instrument as it is, but can only be improved, as it still has all the stock appointments (small receiver, etc).
    I bought it from Jenny at Cash4brass about 6 months ago and have since added new springs and felts, and cleaned it up considerably, so I am hoping for roughly what I got for it - these basses are fairly sought after, and mine plays in tune extremely well (despite not having the Fletcher cut), with excellent valve action.

    It will come in an old style B&H hard case, which works very well, despite being over 30 years old and a medium bore Denis Wick 2 mouthpiece.
    For a guideline, I'm hoping to get £1250 (what I paid for it), but this is collection only from York. If you arrange you're own courier, thats completely fine too, but I'm not posting it.
    Any potential buyers are welcome to come try it out - I promise you won't be disappointed! Get in touch, if you're interested.
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    Bass potentially sold - surprised that I didn't get any interest on here.
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