Bass player moving to North West for uni

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by caramelbunny, Jul 8, 2005.

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    Hey :)

    If anyone can point me in the direction of a band looking for an Eb bass player that would be great!

    Am moving to North West region for uni as of end of August. Have my own car so can travel but would prefer one roughly in Manchester area if possible (and no regular rehearsals on a friday night would be good too as plan on keeping to the traditional student lifestyle ;) )

    Am grade 8 and have played with all sections previously so would be willing to play for any has to be a friendly band, other than that I'm not fussy :)

    Any suggestions drop me a line at
    Thanks x x
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    Hi caramelbunny, welcome to the North West!

    United co-op Milnrow band are looking for a principal Eb bass player. We are Championship section from Jan. 06, very friendly and also like to keep friday's free! ;)
    We are at junction 20 M62, rehearse mon. & thurs.
    If you fancy it PM me and i will pass on some details!

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    There are so many bands in the north west of different sections.
    which uni are u going to?
    If i was u i would wait til u get to uni and ask ur teacher which band they think u would be best suited to. (im taking it that u r going to uni to study music?)

    Good luck!!
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    Eagley Band (2nd section) are based in Bolton and are looking for Bass players.
    They are conducted jointly by Mark Wilkinson and Louisa Smith (both from Fodens).
    I don't play for them nowadays but used to and they are a very friendly Band!!
    I'm sure you would be more than welcome.
    If you're interested PM me.

    The last I know they rehearsed Monday and Wednesday...definately not Friday!

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  7. Get in touch with Moston and Beswick band - pm me for contact details.
    They are second section as of Jan 2005, 10 minutes from Manchester city centre. I think they're looking for a bass player, and even if they're not they'd be happy to see a new face.
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    Arnfield Brass

    Arnfield Brass in Tintwistle (near Glossop) are a 4th section band and are looking to find a bass player. We practice on Wednesday evenings from 8pm - 10pm in Tintwistle Liberal Club.

    We are a happy, friendly band who would love for you to come along to a rehearsal.

    If you are interested please visit our website for more information or email me