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  1. satchmo shaz

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    hi all, has anyone got any programme notes for bass in the ballroom? thanks :wink:
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    Roy Newsome composed it for Peter Wells who was then playing solo Eb bass at Black Dyke Mills Band. Peter went on to play with Yorkshire Imps and Hammonds Sauce Works Bands before taking up the baton. He conducted Harrogate (and Yorkshire Railway Institute Bands), and is still playing, with Harrogate.
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    our MD played it in a concert with us it's dead good.
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    It is even better if you can sing in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was one of the set pieces for the auditions of the Youth Band of Great Britain once upon a time.
    Have you listened to Steve Sykes playing it on Soverign Soloists?
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    I sat next to "Flash" Wells at Dyke for about 3 months and I reckon he would have called it "Balls in the Bass Room" !!!!!!!!!!!!! - Don't get me wrong - it's a fine solo, it's just that "Flash" had a way with words !!
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    thanks guys! I also need to know about tuba concerto by gregson, andfantasy for tuba by malcolm arnold. a friend of mine is doing a diploma soon!
    thanks shaz
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    Tuba Concerto - Gregson
    Commissioned by Besses o' the Barn Band with funds from the Arts Council of Great Britain.
    This work is dedicated to John Fletcher, who gave the first performance on 24 April 1976.
    The concerto is in three movements, following the usual quick-slow-quick pattern: Allegro deciso, Lento e mesto, Allegro giocoso. The first is in a sonata form shell with two contrasting themes, the first rhythmic in character, the second lyrical. There is a reference made in the development section to the opening theme of Vaughan Williams's Tuba Concerto, but only in passing. The second movement unfolds a long cantabile melody for the soloist, which contrasts to a ritornello idea announced three times by the band/orchestra. The last movement is in rondo form, alternating the main theme with two episodes. The first of these is a broad sweeping tune, the second jazz-like in style. After a short cadenza, reference is made to the opening of the concerto, and the work ends with a triumphal flourish.

    More infor on the link below:

    Malcolm Arnold
    Lots of information on the following site:

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    The Gregson tuba concerto and the Malcolm Arnold are both on his cd Gourlay plays tuba. Although I prefer the interpretation on the besses one.
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    It is also of interest in that it is one of relatively few concertante works where a version with orchestra has been produced from a brass band original. There is also a wind band accompaniment available.
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