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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Braveheart, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. Braveheart

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    Does anyone know any challenging duets for Eb and Bb bass? Me and my friend are gonna enter cromer opens lol.
    Someone must have some idea more than me.
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    I can suggest Radiant Pathway by Leslie Condon.
    Major Condon played Eb and BBb during his time in the ISB before he unexpectedly and suddenly passed away while Christmas carolling with Croydon Citadel Band over 20 years ago.

    Based on the West Indian style chorus 'Walking in the light', the comique and slight burlesque aspects of the instruments are exploited as the music 'laughs' along, punctuated by a slower and more wistful section. There are other brief references to 'Travel along in the sunshine' and 'Marching on in the light of God'.
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    Mick you need a duet version of Bass in the Ballroom :p
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  6. Braveheart

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    Ide like that, but Glenn or Jim may not be able to keep up ;)
  7. brassneck

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    ... Alan Fernie actually did something on these lines using 2 players in performance, but I think the guys just split the part and played off each other in the cadenza! Memory has faded a little on this one to know whether he re-arranged the solo for duet purposes.
  8. ploughboy

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    We're doing "Tea for Tuba's" Using the top Eb part and the bottom Euph part for the BBb, it works really well, just a sec i'll check the arranger etc etc .......................

    Arr. Simon Kerwin. Published Kirklees Music.

    Good luck in your search, I found it tough to find something for my guys to play!!

  9. Braveheart

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    Nah, the cadenzas fairly simple, he can do C, thats the harder bit ;)
  10. joemis

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