Bass clef for trombone teaching tools

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    I have a trombone player at my school who has learnt to play treble clef which is fine for playing in the brass band but at the moment is struggling with the concept of now learning to play bass clef trombone parts which means any jazz band/windband stuff is off limits to him.

    If anyone has some useful teaching tools that can point in my direction I would be most grateful.

  2. Andrew Norman

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    When I was about 14 (a long, long time ago) I spent ages writing out some BC parts into TC.
    Then it dawned on me that I could actually "do it" rather than waste time writing out parts...

    1. So give him a stack of parts to write out and see how quickly he decides he can read!!

    2. When teaching my own pupils I often used Tenor Clef as a bridge which seemed to work well but required more time.

    3. Give him some very easy BC stuff to start with (maube something he's already played in TC) - it's not difficult to learn but takes a while to get used to.
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    It sounds a bit bonkers but is right. I started in BC, had to rewrite everything in TC when I joined a brass band, eventually got sick of it and found I had somehow learned to read it.
  4. Andrew Norman

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    Another plus is that before you get fed up and "learn" to do it - you've learnt to write legible parts...
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    sounds simple. but I just used tune a day in treble clef - just using the simple tunes gets you used to reading the different clef quickly.
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    bondo's right - I've just gone through this with a kid who started on trumpet then switched to euph and needed to read bass clef for wind band. I worked out very quickly that trying to do any sort of transposition or conversion was causing far too much confusion and making it unneccessarily difficult for her, so we just started again. I got the bass clef version of the book we'd started with (Accent on Achievement - similar to Tune a Day), got her to start at page 1 again and she'd caught up with her treble-clef reading mates within a few weeks.
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    Thanks bassmittens. Very useful website! And oddly addictive too!
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    Ha - yes i agree it is strangely addictive, in a "quiet day at work kind of way". Glad it is of some use.