Bass and Tenor Horn Whit Friday

Discussion in 'Deputies Wanted' started by BIG Paul, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. BIG Paul

    BIG Paul Member

    Denton are looking for a Tenor Horn player and Bass player to help us out on Whit Friday, if interested please tel Paul Keogh on 0161 320 4254 or pm on here.

    web site is
  2. Graham6573

    Graham6573 Member

    Hope you fill the vacancies Paul, it wouldn't be right to come up against you on the night with an unfair advantage!

  3. BIG Paul

    BIG Paul Member

    still looking for tenor horn player and Bass player for Whit Friday
  4. BIG Paul

    BIG Paul Member

    Due to unforseen circumstances we now require a Solo Cornet player for whit Friday.

    Contact as in original post

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