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    Barnsley Building Society Band - BBb Bass and Percussionist

    Barnsley Building Society Band are looking for a BBb Bass Player for this year's area and beyond.

    Despite being relegated to the 2nd Section, the band is looking fowards and upwards with a view to a rapid return to the 1st Section under our new MD. We are taking Kaleidoscope to Bradford to win.

    The band rehearses Monday and Thursday at Worsborough Welfare Club, Worsborough Bridge.

    If you feel you can fill this position in this young, friendly and ambitious band, please contact Martin Bland at or PM me.

    Edit: We need a percussionist too!!
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    The Band is pleased to announce a number of recent new signings -

    Alan Garbutt - Cornet

    Helen Tomlinson - Baritone

    Angeline Cherry - Horn

    Dave Wallis - Bb Bass

    Amelia Lee - Cornet

    :!: :idea: ---- We still need another percussionist though!!!-----
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    Barnsley Building Society Band - Euph wanted for Nationals

    **Barnsley Building Society Band**

    Yorkshire 2nd Section Runners-up and National Finalists 2004

    1st Section 2005

    Require a Principal Euphonium Player for the summer programme, the Nationals and beyond.

    The band rehearses Monday and Thursday in Worsborough Bridge, just to the South of Barnsley and has an exciting summer programme planned, including a concert in St. James’ Park, London.

    Contact Martin Bland at or myself via PM

    See for more details about the band etc
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    Front Row Cornets and Solo Euph, 1st Section, Barnsley

    Barnsley Building Society Band - 1st Section as of January 2005 and 2nd Section National Finalists 2004 require a Solo Euphonium and a Bumper Up Front Row Cornet. These positions are available now.

    The band is looking to move forward following our 2nd place at the area and our imminent return to the 1st Section and rehearses Monday and Thursday nights from 8-9.30pm, Worsborough Welfare, Worsborough Bridge, Barnsley.

    We do several contests a year - Nationals, Pontins and CISWO still to come this year, as well as various jobs and concerts.

    If you are interested in joining this friendly and progressive band please PM myself, visit our website at or email the band at martinjbland AT
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    I am currently playing at Barnsley Building Society whilst GeordieColin has a well deserved summer break, well that’s what he said it was.

    The band will be competing in the Second Section National Finals at Harrogate on Sunday 12 September 2004 and are promoted to the First Section in 2005. They are also planning to go to both Pontins and Butlins.

    There are currently vacancies for Principal Euphonium, Front Row Cornet, BBb Bass and tuned percussion. Please contact the band secretary on if you are interested.

    Take a look at the band’s website for details of engagements for the rest of the year.
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    Just glad EEb Bass wasn't listed in that lot *phew*!! :lol:

    Come and join us, it's great fun!

    Thanks Francis for being my dep this summer!!
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    Thanks matey. Pete did suggest that he'd go on to BBb and try and get me to sign on EEb. But then who would be principal? I think you'd have too have it as you enjoy sitting next to Pete so much it would be a shame to break up a good team.
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    Another first section band (near sheffield)

    If pythagoras, tubafran and timbloke can do this then i guess i can too!
    If you play any instrument then check out barnsley building society band which is near sheffield, students at the uni are already members. we can offer a large female membership under the age of 25, first section playing and free beer if you enter the quiz in the pub after band, cos we keep winning and we need more people to drink it as the tickets are stacking up!
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    Split into new thread: please do not hijack someone else's advert/announcement :twisted:
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    What's this free beer milarky?? I go home for a month and you start doleing out free beer!!! With my genius I can't see us failing to win the quiz tomorrow night... All those difficult questions on obscure Newcastle Utd players or UK Planning Legislation or errr Korfball shall be answered!! :? :?

    Come to BBS for a bit of a laugh and some quality playing!

    Edited: Unfair assault on moderators deleted :shock: :oops: :oops:
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    Colin you won't need to think too hard about the quiz. Hardest question last week was "what did this pub used to be called?" :? - answer was on a painting on way to toilet :) .

    Oh and there's at least 12 free pints to sup and some more to win :lol: .

    Needless to say having depped for you with Barnsley this summer and I can vouch for the what Zanna has said about the band. Good bunch so any new students to Sheffield looking for 1st Section Banding (2005) this is the place to be.

    As your back and Pete's off his holidays from Sunday this Thursday will be my last rehearsal at Barnsley until you swan off for Christmas. Think you will need to buy me a few beers.
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    You can have my free beer token ;)

    Seriously though, thanks for the summer and muchos beer will be bought for you, just not in the Button Mill, where I doubt we'll ever have to buy beer again after ANOTHER quiz success on Thursday.... that makes 34 free pints in 3 weeks I believe??!!

    I was most impressed that i got a horse racing question right for the first time ever!!

    Come on everyone.... who won the '93 National??
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    You forgot to write that you would be away on tour with Killamarsh Silver Band (yey!) so you wouldn't be there to greet any new players should they choose to come to rehearsal over the next 10 days!!

    Do you have to be a student????? The bit about large female population under 25 sounds very tempting... however, i have just signed for your rivals down the M1 but am willing to come along for a blow :wink:
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    Barnsley Building Soc, Cornets (Front and Back Row), 1st Section, S.Yorks

    Barnsley Building Society Band need FRONT ROW + BACK ROW CORNET players for 1st Section Areas. Rehearsals in Worsbrough, Barnsley Mon/Thu at 8pm.Convenient for M1 junctions 36/37

    Visit the website, e-mail or telephone the secretary Graham Mallory 0113 2872939
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    I edited my original post a la forum rules, but it didn't get bumped to the top, making the whole thing rather pointless, so please can this be "legal" bump??! ;)

    Mods: I can't seem to be able to edit the thread title... its bit outdated and needs to highlight the fact we need back row too, any chance through you powers you could change it to read "Cornets (Front and Back Row), 1st Section, S.Yorks"

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    re. the new guidelines - they don't say you have to edit your original post - we simply need all updates - new players, positions filled etc. to be added to the thread as updates. I'll have another look at the R&Gs and see if I can reword them to be a bit clearer.

    Also, thanks for pointing out the fact that you can't update the thread titles .... we'll try and find a solution to this asap.

    All the best in your search, and at the Areas.
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    Re the wording of the guidelines: probs had more to do with me reading them at 1.11am than owt else...;)
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    Principal and Front Row Cornet needed, 1st Section, Yorkshire

    Barnsley Building Society Band welcome any applications for the above vacancies.

    If you think you have what it takes to fill the Principal Cornet chair or join our Tutti Cornet front row team, please contact Graham Mallory in confidence on: 0113 2872939 or email

    The band is ambitious and looking to move forward, we perform and compete regularly. Rehearsals are Monday and Thursday @ 8pm at Worsborough Sports and Development Association, Worsborough, Barnsley, 5 mins drive from M1 J37/36
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    Due to player movements within the band, we now also have a vacancy on TENOR HORN, so if you play Cornet or Horn, get yourselves along for a blow!