Barnoldswick Brass Band Update

Discussion in 'Brass Band Genealogies' started by 4thmandown, May 16, 2011.

  1. 4thmandown

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    King's Heath
    Have just found some more information on Barnoldswick Brass Band. It seems that my earlier information was slightly incorrect and a famous local history written in 1915 has described the following:

    1865. BRASS BANDS. At this time Barlick had two Brass Bands. The old band and the New Model Band which was supposed to be a sort of Temperance Group consisting chiefly of young men, and as such they became very popular and for a time their services and accomplishments were highly appreciated which unfortunately came to an end after several years time. While the old Band continued in one way or another to ‘blow their horns’ and are still considered to be a fairly good Brass Band in 1915.
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