Barn Dance and Cowboy Hymn

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Craigsav83, Apr 5, 2005.

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    I have been asked to locate some info, and if possible find a recording of the piece "Barn Dance and Cowboy Hymn" by Phillip Sparke. I've never heard of it never mind played if before, I'm hoping that someone can help? :confused:
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    It can be found on the cd "Tribute" by Manger Musikklag conducted by Helge Haukas:
    Green: GRCD04

    It's listed on the shopping pages
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    Many thanks :)
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    I had in mind that the music is about a double booking at the local barn; a revivalist meeting and a dance. Think there's a bit of a clash between the two groups of attendees but the cowboys eventually join in and sing the hymns and the congregation join in the dance.

    Perhaps Anglomusic might have some more info as he wrote it.;)

    HANNAH Member

    i dont know about a brass band arrangement but my old youth concert band played it a few years ago now.
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    That's close enough! :D
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    Wow, thanks for that Philip. I told this story to a band that played it last year and they thought I'd made it up. I think I'll take a screen shot of your reply and pass it on.
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    And which band would that be Frankie???!!! BBS are never skeptical about anything ever. Stat.

    OK, maybe we are, just a little bit...
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    I wasn't going to name the band but people can read into this what they wish;)