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  1. BIG Paul

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    Just looking for two baritones for youngsters about to start playing at rehearsals in the main band (4th section) someone has pointed me in the direction of a U S company selling SCHILL instruments ( for a very cheap price ) on e-bay.

    has anyone had any experience with these instruments.
    are they purely fit for the bin, or are they reasonable for learners?
  2. SoloBaritone

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    Why don't you just try buying 2 cheap second/third hand sovereign's? I bet some schools will have loads of spare instruments lying around that they'd sell on; my old secondary school had loads going spare. I don't know anything about Schill baritone's but but you can't go wrong with a sov.

  3. BIG Paul

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    two secondhand sov baritones would be ideal if anyone knows of any at a reasonable price let me know

  4. brasscrest

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    If they are US baritones, then they probably aren't what you're looking for. The overwhelming majority of "baritones" in the US are marching band instruments, with a large bore, forward-facing bell, and poor tuning. Not suitable for brass band music at all.

    Brass-band quality baritones are rare over here.

    I'd look closer to home, where brass bands are more prevalent.
  5. Kernow

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    Hi Paul,

    If you can't get a couple of cheap secondhand sovereigns, try for a couple of Besson Imperials, much cheaper, solid built and ideal for learners.
  6. Lauradoll

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    A kid at my school has just bought a Schill, upgraded from a Jupiter. It's alright but will still need to get a sov in a couple of years. They're quite cheap like but I recommended him to get a 2nd hand sov to save some £ later on but his parents were insistent on getting him a brand new instrument as his jupiter was a pure rust bucket. He seems quite happy and it does make a nice noise. Keep away from a jupiter though. So I guess it depends if cosmetics matter really.
  7. Steve

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    Besson 700's maybe. I remember having one when I first started playing and really liked it. Main reason was cos it was shiny though and I cant remember what the tuning was like.