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  1. pdj

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    Anyone out there know much about the Courtois Symphonie 169 baritone, how it plays, comparisons with the Sov and York ones. I have tried out two new sovs and two new yorks and have found them to be quite a let down. The Yorks are easier to blow than the Sovs but the valves are awfull. Esp the Yorks 1st valve. I would only ever play a 3 valve baritone as Yamaha dont do one, wonder if the Courtois is worth a go.

    Any thoughts would be helpful.

  2. barrytone

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    Hi Pete, long time no hear, how's things? Have tried a Courtois when I was deciding what to buy and chose the Sov I have now. It's not one of the newer ones, as you know, but it plays a treat.

    Don't care for the Courtois baritones, personnal view, and remember vividly being in a band where we have a mix of Courtois and Sovs and we had trouble with tuning because of the mix.

    Have you thought about a reconditioned Sov, an older model, probably round about the same age as mine? Or have you looked at a smaller supplier who may have an older Sov lying about that he wants to sell?

    Good luck finding your dream baritone, luckily I've found mine!
  3. David Mann

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    .......waiting for the usual suspects to pile in....:wink:

    but seriously I'd prefer to play on an old lacquered Sov, I never found anything better.
  4. Baritonedeaf

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    I had one of the first new Soverigns from the B&Crampon owned Besson ( i had pre-ordered) I think it is amazing, valves are so quiet and fast, great sound and fantastic build quality. I also tried a York, but was not such a fan, I did not think that the Virtuosi that i have tried at contests felt right either, valves very stodgy.

    I have played an older Cortois and the valves rattled like an extra percussionist, it also felt a little clumsy to me, tuning/intonation not so good either. From my experience they are not quite as good.

    I would recommend the new Sovereigns, but if the ones you have tried are not to your liking, then i would agree with above - try and get an older one (I sold my VGC Sov for a little over £1000) as i think more are finding their way out into the world as people buy new ones. That is perhaps an avenue to go down - but keep trying until you find one you like. Good luck! :-D

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