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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Accidental, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    Looking for some interesting baritone solos/features..... anything but Little Red Bird! Ideas please?

    (and yes, I've heard all the jokes before! ;) )
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  3. nickjones

    nickjones Active Member

    Rutland Water - Malcom Bennett.
    Napoli - Bellstead

    are two that work really well.
  4. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

  5. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    thanks Peter - I did a quick search but didn't find that! :redface:
  6. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    Carrickfergus- Stephen Roberts
    Meiso- John Golland (duet for Baritone and Tenor Horn)
  7. brasscrest

    brasscrest Active Member

    Many older euphonium solos also work well with baritone - Song of the Brother, Ransomed, etc.
  8. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    Carrickfergus by Steve Roberts.Recorded by Williams Fariey Band on CD:Diamond Jubilee on Doyen Label.

    This is a good post as a Baritone player myself would like to see more Baritone Solo wrote for Baritone, may be some of the Opera Aria Classcics:any Volunteers out there?
  9. Nigel Hall

    Nigel Hall Supporting Member

    MMI Music has two Baritone solos in our catalogue:-

    Scarborough Fair arranged by me! and Black Eyed Susan by fellow tMPer Mike Lyons. As ever pdf files are available - pm me with your email address.
  10. Maz

    Maz New Member

    Roger Thorne (of tmp notoriety) has written a great baritone concertino (as noted from the link earlier) for Rob Richardson, ex-Black Dyke, but he has also released the slow movement of the concertino (Andante) as a seperate solo with band accompaniment, and it's really really good!. You can listen to it on Scorch from Roger's website and print out a freebie copy of the solo part too, which is very nice. It's highly recommended!

    Peace by John Golland also works very well as a baritone solo.

    Good luck!
  11. peatair

    peatair Member

    "Donegal Bay" - an excellent solo - very atmospheric. [Recorded on the Fairey VIRTUOSI CD].
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    Find more discussions like this one
    Baritone Solos
    Little Red Bird
    interesting baritone solos
    Red Bird
  13. Roger Thorne

    Roger Thorne Active Member

    Thanks for the plug Maz! :tup

    Here are the links:

    Concertino for Baritone

    Andante: from Concertino for Baritone

    As Maz has already said, you can print off a free Soloist's Copy for both pieces.

  14. stephen2001

    stephen2001 Member

    Southern Cross by Roy Newsome is a good one. Great Baritone part, with a simple accompniment for the band.
    Also, I don't know if Philip Sparke's Rhapsody for Baritone has a Brass Band score. It is on the Baritone/Euphonium Grade 8 Syllabus so yes, is a bit tricky but is great when you get it right!
  15. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    Thanks for the ideas guys.
    I did try to have a look at Roger's concertino (of course!!) but can't get Scorch to work at the mo. :-(

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