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  1. Veri

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    PDJ and I were wondering if there were any cds solely of baritone solos out there? I haven't been playing the bari that long, and would really benefit I think from listening to some baritone music. In my entire (50+) cd collection, I've only got one track - the Lovatt-Cooper Donegal Bay on Essential Dyke VII.
    Any suggestions anyone?
  2. DaveR

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    I seem to recall that Steven Booth recorded (at least) one at one time. I can't find any info about it on his website though. I'm sure he would be able to recommend some though if you get in touch.
  3. KMJ Recordings

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    Hasn't Katrina just finished recording one?

    Don't know when the release is scheduled for though...
  4. mjwarman

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    It's not a CD, but if you type Katrina Marzella into, i'm sure you'll find a couple of performances, and probably a few links to some more!! :)
  5. brassneck

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    - PM Pat Herak (BBCBass) for updates on the release date. A few baritone players were involved in this project!
  6. DublinBass

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    All the recordings have been completed. The CD will feature soloists Diana Herak (BB Columbus), Katrina Marzella (Leyland), Rob Richardson (YBS) and Helen Tyler (Fodens). The be solos accompanied primarily by the Brass Band of Columbus and a few by piano. There should also be a few ensemble pieces (baritone, euphonium and tuba).

    It is now in the editing phases and the CD artwork is being completed as well. To have it by the Open will be a bit optimistic, but possible. It should definitely be done by Nationals.

    I wis I could give you more details, but unfortunatley the hard drive on my PC just died and will take 3-4 weeks to recover, thus setting the project back a bit.
  7. eanto

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    Hi Veri, I never get bored of listening to the baritone solo on the album Great British Tradition by Black Dyke. The track is called Sally in Our Alley and it's played beautifully by Peter Christian. I didn't realise it was a baritone at first cos of the full sound normally associated with the euph. If you fancy listening to it you can always borrow it off the solo horn player when you next guest at Chalgrove:)
  8. Veri

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    Ooh, I'd love to borrow that, thanks! I won't be there tonight, as I have to go to college in Bristol today, and probably won't be back in time, but all being well should be around next Weds - at least that gives me another week of trombone practise!
  9. Active Member

    Helen Tyler recorded the Darrol Barry Concerto with her band (Fodens) on a CD called Sunburst.

    Glyn Williams plays the Bizet Flower Song on baritone on his solo CD Virtuoso.

    Katrina Marzella plays Andrew Duncan's Romance on Fairey Band in Concert and The Swan on Brass in Concert 2004.

    Simon Birkett plays My Story and Song on the ISB CD Glory Glory and a live perfromance of Variants on St Francis on Bridgewater Hall Live 2000.

    I hope that helps for the time being.
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  10. DublinBass

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    The CD is finally finished and should be available from this weekend through various outlets (it got delayed a bit as our engineer had a bout with cancer...and I am happy to say he is doing quite well now).

    Track Listings are as followed
    Concertino for Baritone - Roger Thorne
    Deep Inside the Sacred Temple - Bizet, arr/ Wilkinson
    Hebredian Lullaby - Philip Harper
    A Day in the Life of Pooh and Tigger - Phil Lawrence
    Rhapsody for Baritone: Don Quixote - John Golland
    Horizon - Booth
    Alu - Peter Meechan
    Rhapsody for Baritone - Philip Sparke
    Prelude No. 4 in C-Minor - Bach, arr. Piper
    Slane - arr. Leigh Baker
    Mirror Lake - Mvt 1 Serenade - Montgomery, arr. Tubb, ed. Droste
    Mirror Lake - Mvt 2 Festival - Montgomery, arr. Tubb, ed. Droste
    A New Day - Andrea Crossley
    By the Waterside - Faure, trans Wilson
    Sun - Bruce Frasier
    Baritunes - Leigh Baker
  11. Aidan

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    Think Keith meant Katrina's solo cd, over half is recorded but awaiting a composer to finish composing before we can record the second set
  12. KMJ Recordings

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    Yep - that was the one ;)
  13. brassneck

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    Apologies! I didn't know Katrina was involved in a solo CD! :oops:
  14. Accidental

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    There's a few older recordings out there too if you don't mind doing a bit of digging! To be fair most of aren't written as bari solos though....

    I've got this lot on my ipod:

    Carrickfergus - Keith Muggeridge - Fairey (Diamond Jubilee)
    Concerto for Baritone - Helen Tyler - Fodens (Sunburst)
    Donegal Bay - Gareth Brindle - Fairey (Virtuosi)
    Macushla - Stephen Booth - Black Dyke (Essential Dyke 1)
    My Story, My Song - Simon Birkett - ISB (Glory Glory)
    Romance - Katrina Marzella - Fairey (in Concert)
    The Swan - Katrina Marzella - NYBBS (Europeans 2004)
    The Wee Cooper of Fife - Paul Haigh - YBS (Cry of the Celts)

    Allandale - Margie Antrobus, Sheona White & Iwan Williams - YBS (Hymn of the Highlands)
    Meiso - Stephen Booth & Sandy Smith - Black Dyke (Essence of Time?)
    She Moved through the Fair - Keith Muggeridge & Simon Stonehouse (Diamond Jubilee)

    God I'm sad! :redface:
  15. Gorgie boy

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    Meiso is Peter Christian And Sandy Smith on Essence of Time CD - lovely though!
  16. brassneck

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    To further add to the list, there is the classic recording by Carole Crompton and Desford of Rutland Water (Malcom Bennett) on the 1989 Variations CD.
  17. Accidental

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    that would be the one I typed whilst trying to hide ipod and dodgy internet windows from the boss...... :rolleyes:
  18. BoozyBTrom

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    Now there is a name from the past. Paul was one of the finest baritone players i have ever had the pleasure of being in a band with.

    Where are you now Paul!!!!
  19. scjb

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    baritone stuff...

    actually guys it was David Evans and Snady Smith playing Meiso on Essence of Time. David joined when I left just before the CD was recorded. :)

  20. GMR

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