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  1. barrytone

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    I am going on holiday for two weeks and I need to keep practising while I am away. I need something that will make my baritone as near silent as possible, but obviously I still need to hear what I'm doing.

    I have a practice mute but it's quite bulky so I am looking for something smaller and more compact. I note that Yamaha don't do a silent practice mute for the baritone, why?, but from experience does anyone know if you can use the trombone one, or the bass trombone one, if there is one?

    All sensible suggestions gratefully received. Thanks!
  2. James Yelland

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    You might want to take a look at the Best Brass practice mutes. They are very light and compact, and make a snug fit in the bell of the instrument - my experience is that when the mute is in the bell the instrument will still fit in its case (although my case is a soft gig bag). You may need to file the 'cork' (it's actually some sort of plastic material) to get the response just right though.

    Not sure if they make one specifically for the baritone, but I think I'm right in saying that bass trombone mutes usually fit baritones reasonably well. Is that right, baritone players?
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    Presumably like the rest of us they assumed that baritone players are just euph players who don't practice. ;)
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  4. HornPlayerMK

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    I'm not entirely sure of the reasons why a Baritone Silent Brass mute was made when the Silent Brass range was launched, however I know that it has been requested by the Yamaha UK office in the past.

    Thanks for posting this as it's prompted me to make another request direct to the head office in Japan about the possibility of a Silent brass mute being made specifically for Baritone.

    However even if it happens, I'm afraid it probably won't be made in time for your holidays - Sorry :frown:
  5. David Mann

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    This might sound crazy, but it worked for me: I used a DW tenor trom practise mute with a football sock pulled over it. This loose fitted in the bari bell. Tuning was sharp but certainly quietened the instrument (and made me work to produce the notes).
  6. chrisjohnston

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    We supply Bremner ssshhh practise mutes, Trombone one should be okay.
  7. HowarthBrass

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    Baritone practice mutes.

    The 'Yamaha Silent Brass' trombone practice mute is only made in the one size, which fits both tenor and bass trombone. Unfortunately this mute is too small for the baritone and I'm fairly sure the next size up (euphonium) is too big.

    I've also noticed that sshhmute don't make a baritone practice mute either.
    However if you go to they supply a 'compact' baritone practice mute which stores easily in the bell for carrying around.
    Other than that, try a Denis Wick.
    Good Luck!

    Mark H.
  8. Baritonedeaf

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    The French Horn Silent Brass mute, together with some of the special rubber/foam stuff put further down works well for my Besson Sov Baritone - but I would not bother with it if I were you, I have never really liked playing with the silent brass mute, (either this one or a trombone one - so its not just my homemadeness I don't like!) The microphone picks up so little of your actual tone, I don't like the sound. I would not bother unless you can pick one up very cheap (I think I paid less than £20 for mine from Ebay...)

    A Bass Trombone Mannie Klein H&B mute with some of the aforementioned strategically placed rubber/foam makes a home-made mute that fits in the bell whilst in my case (Gig Moulded) and plays relatively evenly in tune (top range is fine, although the lower register is not as great...). Not an expensive mute when picked up second hand or new, but obviously not an ideal replacement...

    I am yet to try a Bass Trombone Bremner shhh mute - the horn player in my band uses a trom version and it works well for her - but it does not seal correctly in a Bari - I imagine that a Bass Trom one would work well - as the Tenor Trom mute is not far off.

    Mike McLean is going to make a Bari mute that fits in the case - similar to the one they have made for the Euphonium (about £60) although the Euphonium one is very sharp in the lower register - not actually as good as my home made bodge job Mannie Klein! Perhaps when he gets round to doing a Bari one - (it was "on its way" at Butlins in Jan) it will probably be worth trying.

    The DW practice mute is best musically - but as you say it is rather big. Find a trade stand and experiment away if I were you! There is also a Japanese company who make very expensive "Sound Transformer" mutes - but no Baritone one and they are rather bespoke - maybe the Bass Trom one would work...

    Having said that - as per the post above the Wallace Compact Practise mute available here
    looks great and not too expensive - I think I will purchase when I next get the chance...
  9. alanl58

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    I use a trombone mute with a duster wrapped around the cork end to seal it and not scratch the bell.

    Not completely silent, but good enough, and allows a little air to escape so there is not so much back pressure.

  10. adrian90s

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    How about concreting down the bell, come back in a day or so and it'll never have sounded better!!
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  11. daitom

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    ... does that mean that euph players are baritone players who practice too much! :biggrin:
  12. barrytone

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    Cheers Adrian, can always count on you for a sensible suggestion! Best have your running shoes on Tuesday evening!!