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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by barrytonegirl, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. barrytonegirl

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    Now the regional contests are over for another year, I have decided it's time for a change. I am looking for a first/champ section or top second section band who need a committed and experienced baritone player. I would prefer 1st bari in a first/second section band and second in a champ band but I am open to offers.

    I have played for several first section bands in recent years and helped one at the area contest but I really need to be challenged on a regular basis.

    Please pm with further details or information. I would be willing to travel as far as Leeds/Barnsley/Oldham as I am fairly central to all in Bradford.

  2. robcav

    robcav Member

    Tried to Pm you but your in box is too full. PM me and I'll forwrd details to you bout our vacancy.
  3. barrytonegirl

    barrytonegirl Member

    Thanks to all the bands who have got in touch, I will be responding to you all, if I haven't already. To anyone who has tried to PM me and has got a message that my inbox is full, apologies - I have cleared out some very old messages so please try again.

  4. barrytonegirl

    barrytonegirl Member

    Just a quick update, I have a band I am helping on a regular basis but would still like to hear from any bands who may be interested. I am committed until the Grand Shield but beyond that I am free to play elsewhere. Please pm me if this is of interest. Thanks
  5. roz

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    I was wondering if you be be free to dep on the euph part next Saturday 27thy June for a short march with the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service band - my name is Rosamund and I am brass and percussion nsection leader and if you think you can help please ring or text onn07725192170

  6. tat

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    your in box is full again???

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