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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by barrytone, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. barrytone

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    Baritone player possibly looking for a band in the Yorkshire Area, will depend on job relocation. Any section considered, she is currently playing in a first section band but as long as the band is committed and looking to progress, she's not concerned about the section.

    Would like the band to be a part of her new life so is able to accomodate most rehearsal nights currently. Please PM me and I'll pass the info. on to her. Can't promise that she will definately contact everyone who provides info. will pass everyone's details on.

  2. Blart Brother

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    Stocksbridge band are currently looking for a 2nd Baritone player. We rehearse Mondays and Thursdays. If your friend is interested ask her to ring Isobel Radford on 0787 6022593

  3. iancwilx

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    Kippax Band are looking to fill the 2nd Baritone chair after "Killer Kilburn" had to retire for family reasons.
    See for details.
    We are a happy crowd with a very talented MD.
    Come down for a blow and a chat.
    - Wilky
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    Cottingham Band located near Hull are looking for a second Baritone player they practise on thursday nights at Zion church in Cottingham, you friend would be very welcome.
  5. agentorange

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    How about Knottingley silver? We're a very friendly 1st section band based near Pontefract. Have a look at the website at or give me a ring on 07789 516022 for a chat if you like. We'd love to hear from you.
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    worth trying out is this one.......

    good laugh with serious intensions....

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    Can I just check, is that the Yorkshire Area, as in the area covered by the Yorkshire Regional Contest, or the great county of Yorkshire, some of whose Bands compete in the North of England 'Area'.

    It's a mighty big place Yorkshire, any idea what area your friend is relocating to?
  8. barrytone

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    Relocating Baritone Player

    Not certain yet, most likely Leeds/Bradford area but as she already travels over 40 miles to band, can't see her ruling out any band within that distance purely due to travelling time/expenses.