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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by barrytonegirl, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. barrytonegirl

    barrytonegirl Member

    I am a baritone player looking for a band in the West Yorkshire or East Lancashire Area. I haven't played a band for a while but the last band I played with were graded first section nationally and championship section locally. I can play both first and second baritone, but prefer first.

    Ideally looking for a band from January onwards as I think it will take til then to get back in practice; however will try to help bands who need cover over the festive period, if I can.

    Please pm me for further information if you think you may have a vacancy that would be suitable. Thanks
  2. EuphStar

    EuphStar New Member

    Hi Barrytongirl!
    Welcome to tmp and hope you find the right band for you soon. I've played in the West Yorks and also Saddleworth areas for a while and thats where the best bands in the country are in my opinion! Sure you'll find a good band that suits you.

  3. chiephonium

    chiephonium Member

    try getting in touch with bumperman...

    he plays at wakefield met band and i'm sure i heard that they might be looking for somone on bari pretty soon...........

  4. EuphStar

    EuphStar New Member

    just remembered, Elland may need a baritone player, I think they've re-reshuffled now that euph player has left again? They seem a nice band and have had some good results this year, think they might be 3rd section but could be pushing for promotion next year - nice trip to the Nationals!
  5. samandy

    samandy Member

    Elland Band

    Elland Band are looking for either a Euph or Baritone player, depending on preference and ability etc. We have had some great results this last year and yes we are definitely pushing for section 2 this year. We are clost to M62 motorway just of J24, so ideal if travelling from ether Leeds or Manchester.

    If you are interested please give me a ring on 07940 525837. You would be most welcome to come to a rehearsal on either Monday or Wednesday evenings.
  6. AndyCat

    AndyCat Active Member

    Don't Know if we're too far away but Freckleton are looking for a 2nd bari. Top Section, Locally and Nationally.
  7. barrytonegirl

    barrytonegirl Member

    Freckelton is a bit far to travel, although I live in Bradford, I'm not that near the M62. I'm not in a hurry to find the right band so if you know you're going to have a vacancy after the festive season or after the area contests, pm me with the details. Thanks to all those who have contacted me so far, really appreciate it.
  8. goosie baby

    goosie baby Member

    south milford brass are looking for a barri player. the md is on here some where tuda something but cant remember. if you type in south milford brass it comes up. although this band could be a little further than you wanna travel
  9. Lna

    Lna Member

    Ripon City Band welcome commited players! We may be in need of a baritone player for the areas. Visit for information.

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