baritone/euphonium mouthpieces

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  1. cornetsquint

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    Could anyone tell me, I need a new mouthpiece fro my baritone, but was wondering whether a euphonium or trombone mouthpiece would work also?
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  2. Bayerd

    Bayerd Active Member

    Small bore trombone ones will, large bore trombone and euphonium ones won't.
  3. Despot

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    Euph mouthpiece won't fit a baritone generally! Most modern euphs are large bore, most baritones are medium bore.

    Most eupho and baritone mouthpieces are trombone mouthpieces! Even the good old bog standard 4AL for eupho is a trombone mouthpiece. Steven Mead has one of the few exclusively baritone/euph ranges.

    Hard to pick a mouthpiece for someone else but a Denis Wick 6BS is pretty common for baritone I think(?). Have seen 4AY being used as well.

    Shop around, just make sure not to get a large bore mouthpiece!
  4. Baritonedeaf

    Baritonedeaf Member

    Dennis Wick SMB6 or Vincent Bach 6 1/2 AL (Small Shank) are good bets
  5. euphymike

    euphymike Member

    I keep trying other MP's but keep coming back to my Vincent bach 6 1/2 from the small bore 350 range. (I think the 341 range are large bore) Recently, I've tried a VB 11 and a 15 but found them too small. The SM range, of which I have 6 and a 9 I find a bit too rounded on the rim for my shape of mouth! The wicks 5880 I have I can't get on with it. I also try to play euphonium and use a VB 5G for that. So I guess that makes me a Vincent bach fan then?
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  6. zippy

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    I use SM4 for euph and a smaller shanked SM4 for baritone (which I play most of the time)
    Depends what your comfortable with really as a 5 or 6 would usually be the choice for baritone.
    Try a few if you can

    Good luck:)
  7. bvincen9

    bvincen9 Member

    Intonation and flexability and control...SM4.. every time. I have tried many sizes and makes but always come back to the SM4....Its LARGE, so plenty of practice is needed through the whole range to get best results.
  8. nigeb12

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    Try a VB 4. DW tend to be a little on the mellow side.
  9. BariPower

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    Do they do those plastic mouthpieces for baritone ? Never used one, just curious!
  10. jonesbp

    jonesbp Member

    yes, just search for "kelly small-shank trombone mouthpiece" in google
  11. BariPower

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    Nice one!