Bandstand Marathon Deadline Extended

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  1. Creu Cerdd

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    The deadline for applications for involvement in the 2012 Bandstand Marathon has been extended to June 22

    Taking place on 9th September 2012 between 1pm – 5pm, 2012 will be the largest Bandstand Marathon to date, a truly national event linking local communities and London 2012. Recognised by LOCOG as part of the biggest closing event for London 2012, the Bandstand Marathon will see over 500 events in bandstands and other open spaces happening across the UK.

    Participating bands will receive a range of benefits, including £350 remuneration

    Further information, including the simple registration process, can be found at:
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    How does ^ correlate with this note on the Q&A on the website

    "Q. Do you pay performers a fee?Where Superact is taking the lead at events, the selected Event Programmer will be given up to £350 which may be used to contribute to performers' expenses. Our guidance recommends that no one band should receive more than £100 to perform."

    So is that £100 for the band and £250 for the expense of running it?

  3. Creu Cerdd

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    Thanks for your response. There is a £350 budget per bandstand to fund the full afternoon's performance from 1-5pm. The £100 per group is a suggested guideline. Should a band choose to do so they could undertake the full afternoon and £350 fee itself.

    Ideally though Superact would like to see bands collaborating together with other local groups, making the afternoon a truly community event / celebration. Should bands choose to split the afternoon with their Junior Band, have a 10 piece from within the band perform for part of the afternoon, or work together with other groups who are doing so on a completely voluntary basis, that's all absolutely fine.

    Again this event is open not just to bands to participate but to all manner of music groups. The term "event programmer" is aimed at the band or group who will lead on each bandstand, coordinating the venue on the day, and specifically an individual from that group will need to be identified as the point of contact with Superact, and be supplied with the budget and marketing materials for each bandstand.

    Together with the £350 Making Music and Superact are also offering participating bands special rate insurance deals, free events management training, marketing support and more. For full details contact Superact

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