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  1. 007ish

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    Where are all the bands?

    With funding cuts all around us, why aren’t more bands taking part in this national event. Surely Bands should get behind this if only to help highlight the demise of what in my humble opinion is an essential Brass Band Venue for performance.

    I came across this via 4barsrest, is there not a case that our associations to be more pro-active in getting the word around to us for such events.

    Your opinions please…
  2. jockinafrock

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    Never heard of it... :oops:
  3. 007ish

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    :clap: Exactly my point
  4. StellaJohnson

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    me niether, but it isn't something that should be "clapped" about.
    A national event that banders haven't heard about (well I haven't) , so you can't expect the public have either. What great publicity by the organisers!!
  5. Thirteen Ball

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    Bandstand what?

    Nope, never heard of it either....
  6. FlugelD

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    September 26th? Not the best date, given that there'll be 30-something bands busy in Harrogate that day, and potentially another 30-odd wending their weary and/or inebriated way homeward....
  7. Rapier

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    Done it for the last 2 years down here in the Southwest. I think nearly every bandstand in the area has some one playing on it.
  8. John_D

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    Seems to be a big lack of anything in Yorkshire. Lots of bandstands around these parts, most have bands playing on them during July and August, but most have their 'season' finished by the end of August
  9. tubafran

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    Dronfield are taking part in Queens Park, Chesterfield 26/09/10 at 2pm to 4pm
  10. KenIrvin

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    We took part last year but did not receive any payment :mad: so this year we will be performing at a paid event. :)
  11. Getzonica

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    Nope, never heard of it either! Sounds like a nice idea though, but wouldn't it be better to do in the summer like June, July or August?
  12. Backrowmike

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    Just been invited today to play at a Burnley bandstand, no real details, they hope to have four bands in Burnley parks. We will find out if we are able to do it at our rehearsal on Wednesday. Any other East Lancs bands invited?
  13. Was this the event that was up to last year organised by Superact ogf Taunton and was to bring to the attention of the public the build up to the Olympics through this cultural event, it may well be the one if Rapier has woken up to reply!! Bandstands through out the lands were booked BUt this year they have suffered funding cuts so they have reduced it down. Torbay Brass Band have played at Dawlish the past two years but that will not take place this year.
  14. Accidental

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    Never heard of it either - who's organising it, and where's the publicity?

    I've just had a browse round the site, interesting that the last two comments in the guest book are about exactly the same thing, and one even mentions the Finals clash..... doesn't look like the organisers/promoters even read it themselves! Shame, because its a great idea and it could be so much better.
  15. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Oi!! I'll have you know I never sleep. Ex Ninja me. :cool:
  16. With the bandstand/cultural olympic concerts which we were involved in the bands participating were given banners to display and posters to distribute via superact. The people of Dawlish knew we would be there and supported us.

    PS Rapier your snoring gives you away - especially anything over 12 bars rest!!
  17. tubafran

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    Interesting press release on 4barsrest offering the "free use" of a new bandstand in Gloucester.

    So if a band wants to use it you have to book it and you won't be charged for its use. Many places still pay bands for providing "free" entertainment on bandstands, perhaps with the cuts in public spending this will become the norm and it's only a short step to the small administration charge being given to bands next. Who pays for or would be responsible for the events licence fee?

    Many years ago Sheffield City Council built a substantial bandstand on the Moor bang in the centre of a shopping area - unfortunately after they'd built it they couldnt afford to pay bands to play on it. It was rarely used and eventually knocked down after it became a sheltered haunt for outdoor drinkers.

    On the one hand we have various councils renovating and indeed building bandstands but payment to bands for playing on them seems likely to become a thing of the past.

    And here is a link to the decision made to build the new one at a cost of £160,000!!!!
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