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    Dear all,

    The brass band movement has experienced difficulties in recruitment of playing members over the past several years, in many ways due to a decline in the musical upbringing of young performers. This has had a potentially disastrous effect on the ability to maintain an up and coming influx of players for following generations. With this in mind, the subject of interactions between existing bands could serve to benefit the community as a whole by building bridges and encouraging a closer contact, whilst maintaining band individuality.

    When investigating our own social activities, it has been evident that one band alone cannot fuel a fully functioning and ongoing participation, and therefore the concept of teaming up with several other bands to make up a social activity was born. The initial project is to start with a Christmas/social party gathering where, with adequate subscribers, we can organise a completely fantastic night out. Going for a Friday night is mainly to avoid eating into the weekend, yet giving the facility of staying over at the THORPE PARK HOTEL & SPA at Colton, Leeds. We tried this last year independently and it was a great success, the rock band was brilliant, DJ kept every one up dancing and the food was just `so very good` that by the time I got around to visiting the buffet, everyone had had their fill and left none for me!! We have priced the tickets at £35.00 each as the food will cost approximately £20/head, the band and DJ around £750.00, theming the function suite a further £750.00, so we need to sell at least 100 tickets. Our own band will take around 40 tickets and the balance will be made up on a first come first served basis from several other bands such as Wakefield Metropolitan, Crofton, Gawthorpe, Imperial Metals, EYMS and Frickley bands.

    It is strongly recommended that you go that extra mile and book to stay over, as the celebrations usually continue in the residents bar until the early hours, and the use of the SPA is worth experiencing (pool, saunas, steamrooms, tubs & treatments).Room rates are inc. Breakfast: £118.00 Double/Twin --- £84.00 Single ----- £70.00 supplement for a Suite

    We would like to make this open to all who have some connection with banding, players, conductors, supporters etc. and we would like to think that we could make this an annual event and something for all to look forward to. We would also like to progress a series of events including such as `a day at the races`, a `brewery visit`, etc, etc.

    Please help banding survive by breaking with tradition, sharing social times and making it an attractive organisation.

    Thank You,

    Michael Canning (social events organiser, Knottingley Silver Band)

    For more info please call me on: 07810-186001

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