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Discussion in 'Computer Corner' started by TheFopp, Mar 3, 2010.

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    How many bands out there have their own Twitter page?

    I've found quite a few, but have probably missed loads!

    We are on (with our new page) at

    Add to the thread with your twitter page, so we can get following each other and finding our what is happening for all our bands.
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    Ours is here!

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    Our webmaster has also created a link on the front page of our website so you can see the band twitter comments on there, It means we can keep the website refreashed more often and people can follow the band on the day of events like the area's! see what you think . .
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    We don't have a twitter, but we do have a facebook
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    Any more banding twitter pages folks... I am about to add you all to the new tMP twitter page... If you want me to add you... please let me know.
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    If everyone simply adds #brassband to their brass band related tweets, I will see it - I don't actually need to follow ALL of you to see your banding related tweets as I have a search setup using that hashtag.
    This will ensure that I don't see the stuff that doesn't really interest me and avoid the overload that comes of following too many people.
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    Is the butcher on Twitter? I've had a look, but have struggled to find him, which I find a bit weird - especially as they named the site after him....................:rolleyes:
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    Eh !!

    - Mr Wilx
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    The use of what are called hash tags (# is hash) is widespread in the business community. It is a way of having an agreed piece of text in a tweet that anyone can find using the search tools in twitter or other twitter client software such as Tweetdeck 9which is what I use on the home PC).
    There is a finite number of people you can follow - a colleague of mine worked out the maximum number of people you can effectively follow and it's not that high!
    So, to take the example of the butcher (and that Dyl was the post of the year with out a shadow of a doubt!), if he included the following text in his tweets about banding #brassband then his tweet would come up in my search. If he doesn't do that or uses a tag such as #sausage then I will be spared having to read an item in which I have no interest.

    This technique is widely used and as an example, I follow a regular thursday night twitter discussion where a subject is chosen at the start and people contribute over a period of hours. The resulting search gives me an absoute mine of useful information from real experts in my field which I get real benefit from.

    back to Geoff's earlier confusion - If John chooses to add tMp content to a twitter account, I for one will NOT be following it - I get it already by coming here and I get it from email notifications from the site. Why on earth would I want it a 3rd time?
    Following a band is one thing - I follow a number of musicians and get specific insights from them but following a forum that may be reposting existing content isn't for me.

    I would suggest you add a search for @therealtmp and you will see anything tmp posts and anything that is addressed to @therealtmp (except direct messages of course!) which will guarantee you get any content that might not make it on to the site. Alternatively, simply visit the twitter page for therealtmp and you'll see the current stream.

    John: you might like to consider a periodic "tweetbook" which can be added to tMp. A tweetbook is a pdf file containing all the tweets relating to a specific hashtag or search - it includes any ongoing links they may have contained.
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    Thanks Andy - I shall have a look into that tweetbox thing, as it sounds interesting. I have now found out how to code a feed from tMP selected forums such that new threads made there will also show on our Twitter page, and I must make sure I include the #brassband hash-tag in that feed too.

    Thanks also to everyone who has clicked on 'follow', please continue to do so. Many thanks.
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    I see.

    - MrWilx
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    Really :confused: