Bands on TV - again?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by iggmeister, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. iggmeister

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    This has probably been done before - if so, sorry.

    I saw some of the Eisteddfod on S4C and thought with the advent of Digital and so many TV channels, it should be conceivable/ possible to get ITV 27 or some other equally high ranking channel to televise e.g. highlights of the Nationals/ British Open or indeed any contest. Surely that wouyld get a few more viewers than Teleshopping, endless competition channels, bidding channels etc. 2 hours a month.

    What with Timeline Vision and SP & S having the technology and a bit of nouse for getting these events down on tape, it could be relatively cost effective. You never know, this may all be in negotiations but it would be good if someone/ body tried.

    I loved Granada Band of the Year when it was going and know that many people would like to see it again. What with people geting freeview now, I reckon that quite a few people would be able to see it - and would watch.

    Who would make the enquiries though?

  2. TheMusicMan

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    Not so sure it would be financially viable igg for just a band contest. The Eisteddfod is huge in Wales and covers all forms of culture, art and music - not just the band contests.
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    You need to approach a music Producer or Executive Producer from either the BBC or an independent production company; look at the names at the end of something like the Proms, and see who the Producer was, then write to them with your ideas.

    They could then "offer" the idea to a channel (ITV) or channnel Controller (BBC). If they have no success try writing to the Controller yourself.

    Do not be put off with their first answers, though, reason why it would not be very costly, and the size of the potential audiences. You might just get lucky!

    Best wishes

    ex BBC
  4. topeuph

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    It has been mentioned that the eisteddfod band contest is only televised because it is part of a bigger event. I don't know whether any TV executive would be interested in televising the Open or Nationals because, apart from brass band enthusiasts, set testpiece contests are Mind-numbingly boring to the casual listener. Perhaps Spennymore would be a better option?
  5. midwalesman

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    Congratulations Ceri on your fine victory at the Eisteddfod. I totally agree with your comment on the tedious nature of the Open and National (indeed any traditional test piece contest!!). Who in their right mind, other than banders will watch it and even then the ones I think of would only watch it if they were in their local pub getting meshed!
  6. iggmeister

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    There is always the concert the day after the Open as well. As far as I am aware, that isn't currently recorded. That could help vary the content.

    I agree that Brass in Concert would be a better option. I did refer to Granada Band of the Year which was the best but I referred to the open because it has been recorded in the past. It would be interesting to hear from SP & S et al how succesful their DVD sales are. I presume they must be profitable or else they would have stopped making them. I may be way off here, but would it really costs a TV company that much more to make a programme with all that hard work already done?

    I also agree that variety would likely capture an audience better. What abouty Music for Youth? Variety of music and ensembles and advertising young talent.

    Perhaps if brass bands at least had some TV exposure (and by that I mean positive exposure and not the usual dumbing down) then brass only programmes would be more realistic. I just feel that there has beeen no national exposure to bring the perception of a band into the 21st century.

    I remember that my band was on local television as part of a charity concert. the programme was called "The Sea" and all the music focussed upon the sea. We predicatbaly played a March with some tedious-link-style title (cant remember which) and Oceans by Goff Richards. It included poetry, singing (which was rubbish) and a bit of role play. It obviously appealed enough to ITV Westcountry - I remember they played the full version of Oceans in the televised programme.

    As for your comments Alan, I appreciate all that you have said. Unfortunately, I am more than burdened with work, practice, secretarial duties, housework to have a life let alone write letters to the BBC and other TV companies. If I was to attempt it, I couldn't give "100%" and so better not even contemplate it;)

  7. iaindrum

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    Just out of interest seen as Best of brass and the granada band of the year have been mentioned, would anyone happen to have any of these on video/dvd as I have not seen them and wouldnt mind a viewing.If anyone is able to run of a copy or willing to sell one I would be most interested.
  8. Bungle

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    Did anyone else notice that on 'Britains Best Views' on ITV last night that the 'Skye Boat Song' was being played by a brass band as the back ground music. I was impressed by Gordon Kennedy's presentation.

    Britains Best Views Click on 'Isle Of Skye'
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    Funny you should mention that as we lucky folk in Yorkshire are being treated to a re-run of the excellent series "Yorkshire Brass" - Thursday nights just after the pub (ITV1 - 11.35pm - Yorkshire Region only I'm afraid).

    It's a 'fly-on-the-wall' documentary - five 30-minute episodes, following a life in the year of Hade Edge Band, featuring events such as Whit Friday, Yorkshire Area Contest, the Slow Melody, Christmas and the Village Gala.

    Naturally the playing isn't exactly Black Dyke, but it's not about that - it's more about the people who play in the band from various backgrounds, as and such adds a 'human' factor, with a bit of brass band music in between.

    If you ever get a chance to see it, I'd recommend it. I think it was produced for ITV by the company BMP.

    (P.S. - There are also bits where they drink beer and say things!)
  12. Masterblaster jnr

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    Such an emotinal taer jerker of a program yorkshire brass is. Tear jerking in i think episode 4 because of (Apparently) nerves of the counductor.
    Tear jerking for us because it's so funny
  13. blasterbates

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    Don't they teach spelling at school either?
    See me after school.
  14. Masterblaster jnr

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    I was writing in a different language, sorry

    e.g "An EMOTINAL TAER Jerker"

    Maybe norwegain or swahili?
  15. tubafran

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    Just heard that Dronfield Band are appearing on an item on Yorkshire TV's Calendar News - been on TV at lunchtime today and again this evening. It should be available to view online here tomorrow.
  16. beckyboop

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    Delph Band were on the BBC TV Politics Show last on Sunday.
  17. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Was told by a member of Rockingham that they are going to be on the BBC North Politics Show this Sunday 9/03/08 it's usually on a 12.30.

    I'd imagine it's that local MP again - hope he's got a different story this time instead of the same one that's been on every time since last October about how much money opera gets in comparison to brass bands.

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