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    Hello I'm Angie and I'm currently organising The Bandstand Marathon 2012. I hope you don't mind me advertising our project...

    Are you passionate about music?Think you could organise a live music event? The Bandstand Marathonis seeking people, bands and organisations to host live music as partof the closing event of the London 2012 Festival.

    We’reseeking bands, groups, choirs and individual musicians to take the lead and create their own live community event and be part ofthis once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
    Event Programmers will lead on theprogramming of bands and performers whilst also helping with on theground logistics such as arranging chairs.
    They will also receiveproject expenses of up to £350 to programme 4 hours of communitymusic at their local venue.
    Bands can apply for role of EventProgrammers as can community groups such as Friends of the Park, notfor profit organisations, charities etc.
    Ifyou would like to become an Event Programmer, please read more andfill in a registration form at contact

    Thanks for reading!