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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Gary_Coulio, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. Gary_Coulio

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    I currently play with the Wantage Silver Band, but will be leaving soon to go to study at the University of Glamorgan, Wales. Could anybody point out any band around the area?

    I currently play Rep, but have also played Principal, in a 4th Section Band
    I have just passed my Grade 8 Cornet Examination
    I've had experience of a Championship Section Band (Wantage Silver A Band) but don't want too much pressure!

    I am looking for a band where there won't be (too) much pressure involved and where I can just really enjoy myself, as I will of course have quite a bit of homework to do!

    Perhaps, someone can point out a band that welcomes or has a good 'turnover' of University students...?

    Does anybody have any ideas?
  2. baribari

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    Hi Gary

    Lots of possibilities here. I used to go to UoG and until very recently lived in the area also. It depends what you want really, but contact Mr Andrew Rooke ( of Cwmaman Institute Silver Band who may be able to assist. I know there are lots of lifts going through trefforest so you wont need to drive. You will, however, be required to have a sense of humour. They dont have that many students though.

    All the best with everything - do you know that there is a UoG big band? A470's - always on the look out from trumpeters (may be able to sort you out an instrument) - follow the A470 link below. contact name is Mr Paul Storer.

    Say hello to Otley Arms, Rickards Arms, Raffles, Pick, Cot, Bridge, Bunch, etc for me!


  3. Deano

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    Hi Gary,

    Ynyshir are currently on the lookout for cornet players, they're based about 10 - 15mins from Pontypridd in the Rhondda Valley.
  4. Vic

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    Hi Gary,

    I know that both Treherbert Band and Tylorstown Band are looking for tutti cornets at the moment. They're both just quarter of an hour from ponty and championship section locally. Tylorstown is second nationally and Treherbert Champ nationally.

    Feel free to PM me for numbers for either band (I play for one, my better half plays for the other!)

    Cheers, vic
  5. matthetimp

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    Markham and District may be of interest or Newbridge these are about the closet bands unless you want championship which will be Tongwynlais or 3rd section would be Rader and Morganstown these are all within 20 minutes of UoG. I should know cos I done my degree there!
  6. matthetimp

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    Yeah also a good bunch up there Gary. Wherever you decide to go have fun and enjoy yourself and don't get too drunk when you go to our local contests. lol