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    can anyone help me out? i'm in the process of applying to uni (to do theatre design) and because of the application process for art courses, i have until bout the 25th march to make my application. i want to keep playing while i'm at uni, but i have no idea of any potential bands, and this could influence my decision as to which is my top choice!

    i'm deciding between welsh college of music and drama (in cardiff), and liverpool institute of performing arts (in liverpool obviously!).

    i'm playing 1st horn with a 2nd section band at the moment, and enjoy that, so probably bands about the same standard. so if anyone knows of any bands around cardiff or liverpool, that would be good to know!
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    well as you play in PWM (do you remember me!) you might know lee drew from langley he played horn and is at cardiff - he now plays for parc and dare - maybe he could help you - i have his contact details.
  3. Lauradoll

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    Liverpool- Wire Brass (a train journey away). Great band and a great bunch of people!
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    That is true , wire are a great bunch.... :) not that far from Liverpool ,you do have bands like Haydock , Northop near mersyside.
    Bands close to cardiff :
    Tongwynlais ( dont know if they have any vacancies or a training band)
    Radyr and Morganstown ( Mellingriffith)
    Vale of Glamorgan
    RAF St Athan

    Hope this is of some help.
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    Although a little bit further away from Cardiff, I know there are definitely Cardiff Uni/RWCMD players at Burry Port and Mid Rhondda so there are always lifts available.
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    I know its a while since this thread was last filled in but if your planning on going to cardiff Rogerstone are a good 1st section band. We have a new conductor whos doing wonders for the band. There is also an exceptionally good social life with the band-great group of people. We also have a horn vacancy at the moment....
  7. RWRBand

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    Ruth, check out this band website. -

    You will get paid to play for this band should you get in. They are also playing at Sydney Opera House in 2007.
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    We'd be interested to hear from anyone coming to study in Leeds (Uni, Leeds Met, TASC, Leeds College of Music) or York (Uni, St Johns, Askham Bryan etc) this September.

    Incidentally, if there are any brass players who want to study for a Music degree but who haven't found a place yet I might be able to help - PMs please.


  9. There are also a couple of sally army bands in Cardiff -
    - Cardiff Canton Band
    - Cardiff Grangetown Corps

    Normal brass bands are here -
    From that list -
    - a few a near Swansea, if you don't mind travelling that far (see West Glamorgan).
    - lots near Newport and north of Newport (see Gwent).
    - to the north is Mid Glamorgan.
    - the bands in South Glamorgan are the closest, and have already been mentioend in this thread.
    - Tylorstown are 2nd section - about 40 minutes north of cardiff.
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    If you decide on Liverpoolm I'd definately say get in touch with Rainford Band. They playing in the 3rd Section National Finals in September and are 2nd section as of 2007.
    Absolutely top band and a great bunch of people. Only about 20-30 minutes out of Liverpool as well!
  11. Thanks Lauren!

    Rainford can probably sort lifts out from Liverpool too as some people already come from there.
  12. matthetimp

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    Welsh bands in the area from Cardiff.

    Championship: Newbridge (Champ local) (1st section National from 2008 )
    Parc & Dare

    1st section Markham & District

    2nd section Blaenavon Town

    3rd Section City of Cardiff

    4th Crosskeys

    Loads more Bands than I can think of.......

    Lifts available from Cardiff to 90% of South Wales Bands I am sure of that!
  13. dyl

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    Errrm Matt, seeing as the original post was made in January '06, I'd have thought that the thread starter has alread ydecided on a Uni and probably found a band! ;)
  14. Di

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    Possibly true, but it'll be a helpful post to others currently doing the "open day" rounds and deciding which uni/college they're going to. :)
  15. matthetimp

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    I only realised this when I looked back after posting. Good for next years though as Di said :oops:
  16. HBB

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    Ha :p