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  1. Hi

    I'd be interested to know of the bands and the sections they are in these areas. I'm interested in perhaps getting in touch with one to see if i could gain any experience somewhere. I only play in the SA and I have an interest in joining the miltary army in the future and becoming "under two flags" :) , but playing in a band of the standard I do I'm never tested and I want to have a challenge. I'm really only a drum kit player but want to get into tuned. It's interesting to see someone who I knew at school years ago(S fraser) playing percussion in the Riddings band.

    Anyway i'd be interested and welcome any responses by pm or email .

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  3. Burbage Band in Buxton on the North Derbyshire / Staffordshire are a good lower section band. Don't do lots of contests, about three a year but do lots of top concerts. the band is more or less full, and has a youth training band as well, but does have a vacancy for a decent tuned / kit percussionist

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    Matlock Band is 3rd section from 2006 and is in Matlock in Derbyshire.

    We are currently looking to recruit a tuned percussionist, so you are just in time!

    We rehearse Tuesdays and Sunday evenings.

    Please PM me if you would like any further information.