Bands in St James's Park

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    I thought it might be an idea to collate the confirmed dates for St James's Park into one post, which can be updated as more are added to the thread:

    23rd June: Band of the Hampshire Constabulary
    24th June: Bristol East
    26th June: Regent Brass
    30th June: Virtuosi GUS Band
    1st July: RAF Halton Area Band
    14th July: St Helens Youth
    15th July: Southend Wind Orchestra
    21st July: Hertfordshire Concert Band
    22nd July: Bourne Concert Band of Woking
    28th July: St Albans City Brass Band
    29th July: 2nd Rossendale Scout Band
    4th August: Aldbourne Band
    5th August: AD Concert Band
    11th August: Household Division Association Band
    12th August: Aveley & Newham Band
    18th August: Welwyn Garden City Band
    19th August: Chalgrove
    25th August: East Sussex Concert Band
    26th August: Tilbury
    1st September: Becontree
    2nd September: Croydon Symphonic Band
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