Bands in Sheffield?

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Brass_monkey, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. Brass_monkey

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    Im coming up to Sheffield university this September and was wondering if there were any bands looking for players?

    I play Euphonium, passed Gr8.
    I also build sheds!!( Play percussion )and have been playing with the Towcester Studio Band for the last 3 yrs.



  2. postie

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    I am sure you will have not shortage of bands sending you P.M's. plenty up in that neck of the woods.
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  3. Right.....

    All bands being quite friendly in this area I know Stannington are looking for a principal perc. Friendly band, top of the 1st section with new conductor.

    Stocksbridge (1st section as of 2007) are looking for a euphonium i believe.

    Chapeltown (2nd section 2007) are looking for a euphonium.

    Oughtibridge (4th section 2007) are looking for euphonium

    But i'm sure you've been told that already!!

    Good luck in finding a band, and probably see you around, I'm sure you'll enjoy Sheffield banding scene!!
  4. JohnnyEuph

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    We have vacancies on percussion.
  5. sunny_jimbob

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  6. boogaloo

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    over here at thorpe hesley band are in desperate need of a euph player,
    up and coming band, no hassle, no stress, just good music, oh and a cuppa at break time!
  7. timbloke

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    If you have any desire to build sheds in an orchestra then PM me I've got contacts in all the main orchestras in Sheffield.

    You could try Old Silkstone if they're still looking (champ sect 2007)?

    Best of luck and if all else fails pop down to Killamarsh (PM tubafran) for a guarenteed enjoyable evening (for all the right reasons). And you'll be able to network well with players from most local bands.
  8. JohnnyEuph

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    ...And we are also Champ Section, we have an extensive range of equipment.:biggrin:
  9. cookie2

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    You'd be welcome to come along to Stannington and have a bash, we're after a first percussionist at the moment and as Yorkshirepuddin' says we're a very friendly bunch! :D

    We rehearse Thursday and Sunday nights at the Malin Bridge Sports and Social Club. PM StanningtonBrassBand, me, Squirrel or Bassmittens if you want more info.
  10. Brass_monkey

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    Wow thanks everyone!!

    Wow all this help is much apprieciated thank you!!

    Seems like theres plenty to do and i wont be stuck for summat to do! :D

    The only problem is I dont drive, :oops: So will have a think and get back to everyone..

    Thanks again!

  11. sunny_jimbob

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    Not a problem, there are ways around such things! Another PM sent :)
  12. Hi Charlie

    Our Flugel Horn player has already replied saying that we have a vacancy for a percussionist but the good news is that depending on where you will be living we could possibly arrange transport as well and where we rehearse is also on the supertram route so you should have no problems getting to where we rehearse.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and wishing you a good time in Sheffield.
    Chris Wilson
    Secretary to the band
  13. hornsrus

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    At oughtibridge we can also arrange lifts to and from band from most areas of sheffield so pm us if you like x x
  14. Brass_monkey

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    Sorry I should have really posted this earlier, I have now found a band, but thanks so much for everyones help!!!