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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by winterman, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. winterman

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    Now then,

    Work are forcing me to go to Northampton for the first week in May on a training course (not dissing the Northampton bit but the pointless course) and was wondering if there were any local bands around the area I could bob along to, any section, to either have a blow or just sit and listen.

    I plan to be staying at either the Courtyard or Premier Travel Inn on the Bedford Road. I don't do the driving thing so any ones easy to get to and/or cheapish in a taxi would be great.

    Also can anyone recommend good pubs (preferably CAMRA) in that area?

  2. barrytone

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    Hi Mic, Cate lives in Rugby, you're just down the road from her in Northamptonshire! Why not give her a call and see if she can't give you a lift to Newstead? You'll be made very welcome, not sure if they'll let you play but they're well worth a listen. They rehearse in a social club that does real ale! Cate's hubby is a big CAMRA enthusiast and enjoys band practice very much now! Pm me if you want her number or any more details.
  3. winterman

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    Ooh goody.. be good to see her ladyship again (I haven't had good telling off in ages!)!! will be in touch nearer the date.. :D

    That's one night of boredom possibly relieved, only another 3 to go! Anyone else?
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    Moulton 77 band rehearse in Northampton on Monday and Thursday nights on the Moulton Park industrial estate. GUS also rehease on that site, not sure of the evenings. Think they'd be the closest ones for you.
  5. ssmith

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    You are welcome to attend a GUS rehearsal to listen. We will probably be rehearsing for the Grand Shield. The band rehearses at Virtuosi's warehouse/shop unit 1 Molton Park Buisiness Centre, Redhouse Road. We rehearse on a Thurs at 7.45.
  6. winterman

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    Excellent thanks all,

    Doing the google thing and it is only about 6 miles away so that would be great.. Will be in touch nearer the date when I have all plans finalised..