Bands in London with Conducting Vacancies?

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by cornetcheese, Sep 12, 2005.

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    Forget them all. We are a lesser known band based in Lanarkshire, West Central Scotland, called 'Black Dyke Mills'. Due to an affiliation with the parish (well the dear old Parish Priest in 1878 did authorise us to form a band), we are currently known as Saint Patrick's Brass Band, Shotts.
    We have vacancies for a player of your calibre in our back RANK. The only stipulation is that you must miss out certain key passages in favour of fobbing them off to the front row.
    Your conducting skills have not gone unnoticed either. We wish to poach you immediately.
    It is alleged you had a 'fair wee run' with a band whose name is not dissimilar to our own recently, so that's always a plus in your favour.
    Come along any Monday or Friday to a half empty rehearsal. We can guarantee an eclectic mix of both Big Brother and Coronation Street fans. There may also be some companions for you to help you settle in to this new group. I can think of one past player also who you would 'fit in well' with! I believe he may be busy now due to his penchant for imatating the polis.
    You can be assured of a warm hand upon your entrance each time you wave your baton!
    Please apply in writing for this once in a lifetime 'Gerrytastic' opportunity.
    Yours, Dr. Bob Childs.
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    That is utterly hilarious - I've never laughed so much, well not since hearing Jack's recorded message on the goodbye card! Give me a shout if anything comes up again with the band, London is only a sleazyjet flight away, even if it is only to do the infamous trip. Miss the band already - I'll be playing "Terry" once a week in Tokyo just to get my Shotts fix!!!
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    conducting vacancies in the London Area

    I posted a brief thread about this in the "recruitment corner" section, but I thought I`d make some more enquiries as I am moving to London quite soon!

    Until fairley recently I was living in the Glasgow area studying conducting and composition at the RSAMD. Over the 5 year period I was there, I conducted a couple of orchestras and a wind band as well as groups at college. In addition, I conducted several bands in the area including the Bathgate Band (winning the 1st section Scottish Championships in 2003), Shotts St Patrick`s band (winning the 3rd section championships in 2005) and Clydebank Burgh (2nd section). I was also Resident Conductor with Newtongrange and Kingdom Brass (champ section). Currently I am in Tokyo where I`ve only been conducting occasionally, but when I return to the UK I would be keen to find out about any opportunities which may exist in the London area! I should be based in Central London, but I am quite happy to travel, as long as the expenses are not obscene!

    If anyone knows of any vacancies at present, I would be interested to hear details. I will be in London from December 26th.


    Alan Duguid
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    No need to create a new thread (and in a different category) to do so! It's much easier to keep track of things if they were kept together. Have merged both threads.

    Good luck with your search.
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    Ah sorry, my mistake!

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