Bands in Hervey Bay, Queensland Aus

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    Banbury Oxon.
    Hi to all our friends "Down under" I will be holidaying in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Aus, in June and July 2012 and was wondering if there were any Brass bands in the area, as i was thinking of taking my noise machine and hoping for a blow, Cheers and looking forward to some hopefully favourable replies Thanks
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    hervey bay bands

    sorry, just saw your post, yea there were a few brass bands in the region, however they are really struggling, if ever you want to visit this way again pop into one of the local music shops. they will be able to give you one of our contact numbers..
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    Some years ago I was doing a solo tour in OZ and had the pleasure of performing with the Walkers Engineering Works Band. If they are still going I strongly suggest making contact as they were extremely welcoming and a very good band to boot.
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