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  1. I've just started Glasgow University and am looking to continue my playing up here, useful as I am doing a music degree!

    I play cornet to about grade 8 standard. I've played in brass bands for several years and would love to continue playing and contesting.

    If anyone knows of any bands around here in need of a cornet player I would appreciate a reply/pm

  2. AlanD

    AlanD Member

    What section of band you looking for?
  3. any... preferably higher sections but i'm easy. just want to be playing again!
  4. ignore me

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    hi there!

    I play with Barrhead (just promoted to 1st section) - we're about 15 minutes outside of Glasgow with plenty of people coming from or through Glasgow in case you need a lift. Give me a message if you fancy coming along, we're a friendly bunch!

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  6. already done that!
  7. joined the uni bands but still want the challenge of a decent section band as well as the opportunities of meeting new people that only banding provides! thanks all the same
  8. sazo

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    Hi Ella,

    As Dave says, you'd be really welcome in Barrhead. Come along and see what you think! Get in touch and we'll sort out you coming along!

    (band manager, of sorts)
  9. bassmittens

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    Hi there,

    Just to re-inforce other posts - Barrhead are a great bunch of people, i would highly recommend you get along to a rehearsal and meet up with them.

    An ambitious band with a great run of results recently, and probably the best looking band in the Glasgow area (or they certainly used to be :tongue: )

    Best of luck and enjoy!
  10. Scott

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    Hi Ella,

    I don't know if anyone has already contacted you from the band but Whitburn would be willing for you to attend a few rehearsals and take it from there. We've got some big contests coming up, notably Brass in Concert and the Scottish Open. We're a great bunch of people, plenty of young people and a good, hard-working band. Lifts are available from a number of people from as near as Glasgow university/Byres road area. If you're interested then give me a PM. We rehearse Wednesdays and Sundays.


    Scott Forrest
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  12. RacMac

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    ...but went down in the good looking tables when you left of course!
  13. bexy

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    Deffinately worth going to a practise!! Great band!! Great Bunch!! I miss them!! :(

    Onward x
  14. bassmittens

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    :oops: Awww shucks!
  15. Bit further away but if you can get to Edinburgh Haymarket station i'd be happy to give you a lift through to Newtongrange (Championship section). It has been done by people before.

    Han xx
  16. Just would like to say thanks to everyone for their suggestions and offers, most grateful!

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