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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Rambo Chick, May 30, 2006.

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    I will be going to live in France for a bit and I want to maintain my playing. Does anyone know of any bands that are over there. I will be living in/around Grenoble. I currently play for a first section band in Yorkshire so a similar standard would be preferable but obviously they're not band-nuts like we are over here, so I know this might be difficult! But any info would be great.:rolleyes:
  2. Jan H

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    Isn't Grenoble close to Switzerland? There are plenty of bands over there!
    I might be a couple 100s of kilometers off though ;-)

    Brass bands will be diffivult to find in France I think, you're probably better off looking for a wind orchestra. In French it's called an "orchestre d'harmonie". Good luck googling ;-)
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    I'm going to miss you!

    You could always start up your own band, learn to speak more French that way! I'll check with Billy's Dad, sure there are a few about, but mostly smaller groups that play at villages fetes. However they spend more time eating and drinking then you might be onto a good thing!
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    The IBEW has a list of bands with websites in France along with overseas bands here
  5. brass journo

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    she'll only be happy if she gets given a 7 month supply of Bourneville though!!!
  6. VenusTromster

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    But at least there will be plenty of new cakes to try!!!

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