Bands in Dover???

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by tpcornet12, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. tpcornet12

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    Now then guys.....

    After 12 months commuting between Manchester and London I have finally been offered my dream! job but it's in Dover. Obviously I want to continue my playing career (work permitting) but I don't know any bands in that neck of the woods....

    I have played 3rd man down for most of my playing career and would be looking for a 1st/2nd section band ideally but mainly for a band that I would enjoy being involved with. Can anyone help out there??

    Just to let you know though.... I haven't got a start date yet and would probably be approaching Xmas time....

    Any advice/thoughts greatly appreciated. Please respond via post or PM - I don't mind.

    Cheers, (a very happy man).:tup
  2. MRSH

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    Hi - congratulations on getting your dream job.

    Betteshanger Brass Band rehearse in Deal

    Kent Police Band rehearse in Maidstone

    Cantium Brass rehearse in Canterbury

    Cranbrook Town Band rehearse in, erm, Cranbrook

    I'm sure there are some more but can't remember right now. Good luck in your search.
  3. tpcornet12

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    Cheers Matt, that's a great help!! Any Dover band that wants to PM me is very welcome....
  4. Bungle

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    Thanks for that Matt. We are in need of a cornet player now Andy Hill has gone back to university. I will fire off a PM.