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    The Harrogate Band will be on tour in Belgium next Easter and we are hoping to enhance our concert (and social!) schedule by collaborating with a Belgian Band in a concert performance. We will be staying in Brussels but are willing to travel if any band will promote a concert for us or share a concert with Harrogate Band. We are not looking for accommodation or expecting a fee for a concert, but we would be happy for you to use the concert to raise funds for your own band.

    The date should be the 7th, 8th or 9th April 2007 - so we are really looking for an indoor concert!

    The Harrogate Band is a Championship Section band based in North Yorkshire. Full details of the band can be found on our website: We are a very sociable, friendly group!

    Please email me if you know a band that might be willing to collaborate with us.
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    Our very own mod Jan would be able to help you I'm sure there Dave. Give him a shout - though he is travelling soon and possibly not so available for 2 weeks.