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  1. hiya

    just been to bath university today for an interview for chemical engineering ,

    they made me an offer which was really low , and its a really good department , so im looking for bands in that area ,

    the uni has like no music facilities whatsoever so im hoping for a nearby band

    any ideas anyone ??
  2. Di

    Di Active Member

    If you look on, they have band listings which you can chose to search either alphabetically or geographically. :)
  3. persins

    persins Member

    My sister used to play for Bath Spa while at uni. They are quite good in the 2nd Section.
    There are a few others in the area but most would be a bit of a drive away. What sort of section are you looking for?
  4. bennem

    bennem Member

    Having lived in the area you are looking at two second section bands. Bath Spa or Corsham. Third/fourth section Calne Silver but you do need to drive to get there whereas you could cycle bus get a lift to Corsham.

    City of Bristol for Championship or Aldbourne, Swindon Pegasus for 1st Section.

    There are quite a few bands around take a look at
    for a list of bands in the wessex area.

    ROBWILLIAMS New Member

    Actually Aldbourne is Championship Section this year, having won the 1st Section last year and come 4th at the Harrogate finals, but thanks for the recommendation. Players always get a warm welcome at Aldbourne and the social scene is much fun. Maybe come along for a blow if you have transport.
    Rob Williams
    Aldbourne Band
  6. persins

    persins Member

    If you are wanting Championship section, you are looking at a bit of a trek.

    Aldbourne are a good bunch as mentioned above. I've helped them out on occasions and it's always been amusing!
    Others include:
    City of Bristol
    Yeovil (about 1hour ish)
    Polysteel (Over Gloucester way)
    There is also WOODFALLS!! (I suppose I have to say that) We are based the wrong side of Salisbury from Bath. Even more of a trek!
  7. alks

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    Hey, there's always marshfieldband......just less than 10 mins from bath!.
    check out at the website

  8. Bass Trumpet

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    I can think of a few bandsmen who need a bath :biggrin:

    Best of luck with your studies - hope you find a nice clean band!
  9. bennem

    bennem Member

    Sorry RobWilliams,

    A bit behind the times so I thought Aldbourne were still in the first. But congratulations on regaining your rightful place in the Championship.

    I had forgotten about Marshfield but if I remember correctly they are non contesting.
  10. alks

    alks Member

    Marshfield do contest (ish) and won thier section in the GBBA in november and are entering the GBBA entertainments next sunday (coleford 12th feb). However , were unable to enter the areas because of the severe lack of cornet players in the area..(major problem)......and that some members are signed for other bands. Currently the band plays at 3rd section standard.

  11. GingerMaestro

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    City of bristol are a good bunch have helped them out in the past and thouroughly enjoyed it also they have a great conductor in Bryn James so very much worth a shout
  12. imthemaddude

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    Polysteel is a good choice and they have a wide catchment area of players so you might be able to hitch a lift too.
  13. Lisa

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    There is also Bendix Kingswood band in Bristol who I played with a few years ago - they're 2nd section and very warm and friendly band.
    I know of a couple of people who drive from Bath to Yeovil too...
    Bath Spa band is friendly and has quite a few students in it which is always good!
    There is also Bath Salvation Army band...but I don't know much about them
    And there is Bristol Easton Salvation Army band who I think have a very good reputation.
    I think they have quite a few cds and often do tours and stuff!

    ROBWILLIAMS New Member

    No, problem, thanks for the recommendation anyway, nice to be considered.

    Had a good day at Yeovil and came 7th, played very well, audience liked it.
    A good return to the Championship Section.

    Many Thanks,
  15. Jasper

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    We are a very friendly bunch at Corsham ! You would be more than welcome to come along for a blow any time. Our prinicpal Euph is also at Bath Uni (our conductor delights in calling him Rigsby and recounting scenes from Rising Damp - poor Euph player hasnt got a clue what he is on about!!!)