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    The East Yorkshire Motor Services Band released the following information today.

    The Band was informed yesterday that we are to temporarily lose access to the Bandroom. St John Ambulance - who provide our Band with a home - have reluctantly decided to close up their headquarters building in Popple Street. This is due entirely to problems caused by gypsies camped in the old entrance to Victoria Dock, at the closed off end of Popple Street. For some time now St John Ambulance has had problems with broken windows, damaged signs, eggs thrown, and staff being verbally abused. Until Kingston Upon Hull City Council take out an eviction order to move the gypsies on, the Chief Executive of St John Ambulance in Hull, has taken the decision to close the building and have it boarded up, to avoid any possible backlash.
    Whilst faced with the problem of finding a temporary home to rehearse in, and also somewhere to store the percussion equipment, the Band do understand the problems that are being caused, and fully support the action that St John Ambulance have taken.

    The Band has now been fortunate to gain a temporary home for rehearsals. Many thanks go to the Zion Methodist Church, Cottingham, and Maybury Primary School in Hull, who are providing the facilities, which will enable the Band to rehearse in the near future.

    Whilst this causes obvious disruption to the Band, it is business as usual as we prepare for both engagements, and the recording of a new CD.
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    Know what it is like to lose a bandroom. We lost one twice in two years! We used to rehearse in a local club, had our own room and everything. New owners came in and gave us 5 days to leave! After a week or so we kindly got the offer of the use of our local colliey offices which we used for just over a year until they went into receivership and again had to leave within a week. We now rehearse in our local church, which is not ideal, but beggars can't be chooses! We have been there for over 18 months and are still looking for a suitable place to call 'home'. No one seems to want to be associated with brass bands anymore. It's not like the 'old days' (he he - I'm not that old!)) when clubs and pubs would welcome brass bands. Nowadays it's all kinds of different entertainments to attract the locals, such as 'kareoke' 'Quz nights' 'football nights' etc.

    Ah well, we will persevere!!! :clap:
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    Following on from above, our unwanted guests have departed leaving the street in a mess, but thankfully the local council have acted quickly to block off the end of the street which acted as an unofficial caravan site. Our access to the bandroom is not to reallowed quickly, as our hosts - St John Ambulance - are continuing discussions with the council to make sure a permanant solution to this situation is sorted out. So for the time being the building remains boarded up.

    As for the pastures new our travelling fiends moved to. Well like many towns and cities throughout the country we have a closed down Courts furniture store. Apparently the padlock to the car park just fell apart as they were passing!