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    We are currently rehearsing in a building, owned by the local authority, with a view to entering into a formal tenancy agreement after certain essential works have been done. All being well, we should be very much "at home" for years to come. We have an informal arrangement with a community choir who would like to use our bandroom once a week to rehearse, and interest from another group. We are wondering if anyone else who has similar experience can give us any pointers with regard to insurance - particularly Public Liability - matters when others are using the room with none of our people present. We have PL cover , at levels required by the local authority but it is not clear where we would stand if someone was injured (by tripping over a stand or slipping in a corridor for instance) whilst using our facility.
    All comments welcome - thanks.
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    It may be glaringly obvious, but I presume you have the go ahead from the local authority to sublet to other organisations?
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    Linked to Peter's post, I would first be inclined to suggest the agreement for the choir should be made with the local authority. I.e. you both become independent hirers of the hall. This will keep matters of responsibility (of all types) much simpler.

    Irrespective of this, if someone is injured or something is damaged and it is proven the fault of the band, you will be negligent and liable to being sued for loss. Whether or not your insurance would cover this can only be answered by your insurer. It is possible that the terms of the insurance may only provide cover when "undertaking brass band activities" and that a dormant bandroom may not be considered as such.
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    Thanks for this - will have a look at the full wording soon (ironically I work for a large broker, but the Bands' insurer is not on our "panel" !)
    and discuss again with our committee.

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