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    I came across a website that allows you to design your own floor plan for buildings, it got quite adictive and I found myself designing my ideal band room. It was actually quite difficult to get a balance of storage space, at least 6 tuition rooms for the Academy, kitchen, bar and pool table! My finished design can be found here - bandroom

    Ok, so I've used a radiator for a glock, a piano for the xylophone, an easel for the concert bass drum, a mirror for the tam tam and trampolines for the timps but it gives an idea.

    The car parked in the garage at the rear of the building actually represents the bands trailer for carrying kit around, it can be loaded through the double doors without going outside!

    What I couldn't get on the plan was some form of movable partitioning between the practice room and the 'relaxation area'. Ideally, this could be moved and the area can be cleared back for concerts with the pool table pushed into the room adjacent again through bi-fold doors.

    Although this was done just for fun it is based on a plot of land that the band owns and is something that has been talked about for years.

    I'd be very interested in what you would do, have I missed anything? Measurements have been guessed as far as how much room the band needs but I think it's about right.

    Will apologise now for all the time you will waste over the weekend designing your own bandroom :tongue:
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    Clicked on the link to look at your design but all I get is a blue screen with a banner that sys "ground floor"....

    Oh flash where art thou!
  3. Jan H

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    looks really nice, although one of the tuiton rooms doesn't seem to have a door ;-)
    will the percussion be left in the band room all the time, or can it be stored in one of the rooms? To load the percussion, it now has to be taken through the library room. Doesn't seem very practical to me.
    And maybe an easier way to get behind the bar, instead of through two rooms?
  4. lannerfalcon

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    You're right, a door has been lost there! Bar? who mentioned bar... no funding for bar's just a serving hatch for cream teas :)

    Would need access though... thanks
  5. lannerfalcon

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    Percussion should go straight out through the doors behind it, not through the library. It would remain where it is most of the time but if needed could be pushed back into any of the rooms behind it.
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    Haha! I love it! Good work! All you need now is £200k to build it!
  7. Jan H

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    A bar can also be used to serve coffee or tea :)
    anyway, I thought a bar would be an essential part for each band room. It certainly is in ours ;)
  8. lannerfalcon

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    Fourteen months on and we've finally launched our new bandroom project. Many hours of meetings and consultations have taken place and what was just an idea back then is now moving towards reality.

    Still a great deal of work to do before we can even think about laying the first brick mind... you can keep up to date on the progression of the project here.

    If anyone has had experience of a similar project and would be willing to give us any tips it'll be most appreciated!
  9. P_S_Price

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    Not personally, but I do know that Bideford Town Band have very recently opened their own new Bandroom.

    Contact them via their website they might have some useful tips:
  10. lannerfalcon

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    18 months ago this was just a dream, can't believe Friday 13th and we get the news we've been waiting for. We're still not quite ready for a full press release but check out the project Facebook page. Dreams can become reality... :D
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    looks great! :D
  12. lannerfalcon

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    I'm sure it will be, also sure that this is just the beginning; we'll be project managing the build ourselves so a good 8 to 10 months of hard work ahead of us. We will be keeping the project Facebook page up to date tracking the trials and tribulations as the project progresses.

    Need to start thinking about the opening event now ;)
  13. lannerfalcon

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    All the pieces of this massive jigsaw are now falling into place; this week will see work start on site!

    The band would like to thank all the members of the development team for their continued hard work and enthusiasm on the project.

    Keep up to date on the Bands dedicated Project Facebook page.
  14. Rapier

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    Going back to your original post, You mentioned a bar in the first paragraph, so poor old Jan was not going mad.
  15. lannerfalcon

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    I noticed that this morning when I revisited this thread, apologies Jan!
  16. lannerfalcon

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    ... all that aside today has been an historic day, the plot has become a building site.

    Appreciate that this won't mean much to most but for us it's seeing the results of (just looking back at first post) nearly two years of hard work. Just amazing!

    Thinking ahead, we'll be opening in May/June next year... anybody thinking about coming down for West of England Brass Band Festival (Bugle contest) next year and are looking for a concert/rehearsal venue then give us a shout. Has the Royal Trophy ever been outside of Cornwall? ;)
  17. lannerfalcon

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    The project is progressing really well with the timber frame expected to arrive on site any day now. We've started to talk about an 'opening event' for this fantastic new facility and who we should ask to open it (along side the major funder of course, SITA Cornwall Trust).

    Although as yet no decisions have been made on the format of the event it's likely to include an informal afternoon opening followed by a more formal evening gathering/party!

    With this in mind the question is "who would you ask"?

    Keep up to date with progress here...
  18. Gazabone

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    Duke & Duchess of Cornwall (but might be a bit controversial at the moment!)
  19. lannerfalcon

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    Two years on from the first post (nearly to the day!) and things are really starting to take shape, it's looking absolutely brilliant!

    See how it's coming along on the Bands dedicated Project Facebook page.

  20. lannerfalcon

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    "There really is nothing that can't be achieved"

    I'm sure that must be a quote from someone and if it's not we'll take ownership for it! Have a look where we've got to so far (Project Facebook page).

    Thanks to all that have given up their time to help out, not just members from our band but other local bands too, it really is appreciated. Still lots to be done though so if you can get to site at the weekend we'll find you a job to do.