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  1. andreab

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    Audley Brass bandroom, built over 100 years ago by the band, for the band, has been demolished. Sadly it was in a state that was beyond repair. Building of a new bandroom on the same site will begin in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, you can see pictures of the demolition process (and soon the rebuilding) on the band's website
  2. Bass Trumpet

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    Sorry the old girl had to go. But you should feel very lucky that your band is in a position to build a new one :clap: . So many bands now have to be nomadic, practicing when and where they can, or paying through the nose for community centres, social clubs etc. GUS fell on their feet recently and was able to secure a permanent bandroom for a very reasonable rent. All the chairs and stands can stay up and the library and memorabilia can stay there too, but I think we are in the minority.

    Please keep us posted on how the new bandroom is getting on.
  3. andreab

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    Thanks for your support. Yes we are very lucky to have our own band room, which despite the mould, damp and grime, has been a well loved home for Audley Brass. Unfortunately maintenance is costly and time consuming, and don't forget we have to clean the loo, which bands who rent don't usually have to do! Hopefully the new building will be easier to maintain, and the demolition has given us a chance to have a good clear-out!

    I wonder how many bands still own their bandroom, and what are the advantages and disadvantages?
  4. musicmaker

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    I know the main idea of havin your own band room is so you can leave everything set up, but you could always let it out to offer groups when you’re not using it. Or build a separate bar and let other groups come and buy your beer instead of expensive pubs.

    “Drink well and my merry”
  5. Charmed

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    We've never owned our own bandroom. Always had to rely on the generosity of local pubs, pit owners and the local vicar. Since I rejoined the band 14 years ago (after a maternity break) we have had to move 7 times. 2 of those occassions we had to move without notice in 3 days with nowhere to move too! :eek: Now that we have the support of the town council who allow us to use the council offices as a bandroom, hopefully we will not need to move in the immediate future, with very short notice. (I will mention that we have never been in a position to pay rent so the above would probably not happen if you are lucky enough to have a lease).

    The disadvantages to not owning your own bandroom is that you have to totally rely on the owner of the property not changing their minds about 'renting'. You cannot (in most cases) leave your equipment out unless the room is soley used for your own purpose. Storage can also be limiting. Displaying photographs, trophy cabinets etc can also be an issue. If the room is used by more than the band then extra rehearsals may be a problem and you can never feel 100% secure. It's also on your mind that eventually you're going to have to find alternative premises.

    The disadvantage I can see for owning your own banding is only one. Having the finances to maintain the building and pay for any bills. Other than that I would think it would be heaven! :biggrin:
  6. Jan H

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    10 or 15 years ago, we built our own band room, with help from the town council and our sponsors (which include a steel construction company, a company that makes PVC wndows and a contractor ;) ). We don't own the ground though. I think it either belongs to the counsil or to the church society. The bandroom is connected to the parochial community centre (which is run by the church society), so a lot of negotiatons were needed between band, counsil and church society before the room could be built.

    We can now use our band room with our own bar for reheiarsals (main band, youth band, percussion group, music lessons...) and for band activities (committee meetings, social activities, even small concerts) but not rent it to other people. The income from the bar is used to pay for maintenance, heating, electricity, water, insurance and someone to clean the place once a week. The result is more or less break-even I think.

    We're now adding an additional instruments storage room which should also host our library. Again most of the work is done with the help from our sponsors.

    All in all the situation is much better then before, when we were housed in a cramped room behind the community sports hall
  7. marye

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    new bandroom

    :clap: Good luck with your new bandroom,-a great opportunity to work together.:)
  8. I like the idea of incorporating our own Bar. Hope that was factored into the budget !!

  9. 2nd man down

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    Good luck with the new band room, I tend to forget just how lucky we are sometimes that we have our own very clean, recently refurbished and centrally heated band room. Some of the places that I've seen other bands play in are pretty awful by comparison!
    Its always sad to see the end of a building like this one that obviously has a lot of history and memories for people associated with it, but for the band to survive and to continue playing there this kind of thing has to happen eventually.

    Good luck with it, hope the new band room brings with it success and stability.
  10. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Our job fees and £1.50 per head per week subs more than cover this. We have no drawbacks with our band room at all *touch wood*, the hardest bit is getting people there out of rehearsal time to maintain it and keep it clean and tidy.

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