Bandmaster and Musicians Required for New TA Band

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Paul Thomas, May 1, 2007.

  1. Paul Thomas

    Paul Thomas New Member

    The Nottinghamshire Band of The Royal Engineers (V), is Nottinghamshire’s brand new TA Band. We’re stationed at Bulwell, we’re starting from scratch and are now actively recruiting Brass, Woodwind and Percussion players aged 17 upwards. Rates of pay for the Territorial Army are excellent and a fuel allowance is also available. No previous military experience is necessary as all training will be given, however, if you are ex-regular or TA then I would love to hear from you too. We also need a BANDMASTER, so if you’re interested in applying for the job, then please email your CV and I’ll be in touch ASAP. GIVE IT A GO, NEW BAND, NEW FRIENDS, OPPORTUNITY TO TRAVEL AND GET PAID AS WELL. I look forward to hearing from you.
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  2. Colin Gray

    Colin Gray Member

    Best of luck with the new band.

    I am a member of The Band of The Prince of Wales's Division based in Tidworth but i have friends who play for the Medics TA band and the Waterloo Green Jackets TA band.

    They all have a great time. It is definately worth trying if anybody is tempted.

    Hope it all works out for you.
  3. NeilW

    NeilW Member

    I thought there was already a TA band in Nottingham - is this a second one?

    My nephew used to be based at Chilwell TA (as a "regular" officer) and the "local" TA band let him down for playing at his wedding :-( He wasn't best pleased!

  4. UFolder

    UFolder New Member

    I'm sure Paul Thomas will fill you in on all the correct details but the previous Volunteer Band in Nottingham was unofficial.

    This new Band is formed under the restructuring of the TA Bands and having worked with Paul before will be a well run band and a great deal of fun.

    If you're even remotely interested I would give them a ring.

  5. postie

    postie Member

    Very interesting where does that fit in with the South Notts Hussars who are also based in Bulwell.
  6. Bones

    Bones Member

    If memory serves me correct, the SNH are not an official TA band anymore, therefore this new Band will be Notts own TA band.
  7. postie

    postie Member

    Yes you are probably right I was more thinking about two bands really operating from the same place and how that was going to work.
  8. Trumpet Major

    Trumpet Major Member


    Are the medics TA band still going then? I used to have a blow with them to help em out when I was at kneller Hall.
    That was when Mick Feheeily had the band.

    Good luck with this band though. Its nice to see formation rather than cuts for army bands, full time or not.
    In my service we saw the bands cut from 58 down to the current handful and I think (having also blown with the Queens Ta Band) that TA bands have a really useful role.


  9. Colin Gray

    Colin Gray Member

    Yes, the Medics band are still going, but they are unofficial, well they are official but not on the books as a band if that makes sense??

    I don't know if you know but the regular bands were cut again last year, all the divisions lost one band and the cav lost two. They are also re-manning some of the bands from 45 - 33 types.
  10. Trumpet Major

    Trumpet Major Member


    Its a sad state of affairs..yes I was aware of the changes but its great as I say that at least this new TA band is being formed.

    Glad to hear the medics are still running,,,,mind you they always were kinda unofficial and always did things in their lovely own way.

    Sure I must still have friends in that band..

  11. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    Sorry to go slightly off-topic, however I was reminded reading this post of a former fellow student, a trombonist named Graham Cox, who also conducted the South Notts Hussars TA band many moons ago. Just wondered if anyone knew of his present whereabouts?
  12. comrademalk

    comrademalk New Member

    Hello Neil,

    The TA Brass Band in Nottingham has always been the South Notts Hussars. We're no longer TA, but we're now a TA Association band with some support from the TA. Almost all of us are civilians now and we play without pay. Sorry to hear about your Nephew's disappointment - Don't know when that was but I wasn't aware of it in the two years Iv'e been playing with them. Without all the TA benefits it can be difficult to get a full band out...
    Best regards, Malcolm.
  13. comrademalk

    comrademalk New Member

    The South Notts Hussars Association Band will continue practicing at Bulwell on Wednesday nights. The new TA Band will be sharing our facilities. No need to join the TA if you want to play with us :p. I won't be taking the Queen's Shilling :tongue:. The downside is we don't get paid.

  14. comrademalk

    comrademalk New Member

    South Notts Hussars Association Band

    Yes, the TA are forming a new band at Bulwell. But the South Notts Hussars are still going strong. Now an Association Band, we play for free, but you don't have to join the TA to play with us. We practice at Bulwell TA Centre every Wednesday evening from 7.30 to 9.30, plus an hour in the Bar :tongue:. We're currently seeking new members and a Musical Director / Conductor. So if you want to play with a traditional Military Brass Band, with all the spectacle and fancy dress but don't want to take the Queen's Shilling, come and join us. For more info reply to this thread, contact me on 0115 8491625, or phone Dave Drewitt on 0115 9179203.
  15. Paul Thomas

    Paul Thomas New Member

    Hi Neil

    I belive somebody already sent you an email reply to you query? Don't know who that was but he wasn't anybody I know.

    This band is a brand new TA Band and yes, the Hussars still work out of Bulwell too.

    I can't answer for the dissapointment of your Nephew's wedding I'm afraid.

    I hope your well and if you need any further info on the new band then please ask away.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Best wishes

  16. Paul Thomas

    Paul Thomas New Member

    Dear Colin

    Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. That really made me smile. I know Tony Fuller and Billy Hughes in your band and your new BSM in October is a very good friend of mine.

    Good luck to you also and maybe I'll see you down in Tidworth one day.

    Best wishes

  17. Paul Thomas

    Paul Thomas New Member

    Thank you Lou for your reply, and your kind words. I think the TA Band will have a good role to play around this area but I know I'll have my work cut out.

    Good to haar from you, please keep in touch here, I appreciate all the help and support I can Muster.

    Best wishes

  18. Trumpet Major

    Trumpet Major Member


    ...........know Tony Fuller and Billy Hughes in your band and your new BSM in October ...........

    Blimey Tony Fuller...he was in the RLC band with me until he got...ahem...rapidly posted

  19. Member

    Its God to see TA Bands are upand coming a Shame the Regulars from Knellar Hall cant increase the Bands Numbers Anyone know why that is?

    Bands Just seem to be dying in te army soon it will be like the RAF heaven forbid
  20. Cornethasbeen

    Cornethasbeen New Member

    Hi Paul,
    I'm interested in further discussing the new band with you to see if I can offer any useful involvement. I also live in the Chesterfield area and can be contacted on 07719 578342.


    Adrian Wood

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