Banding Capital.

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  1. fattyfattybumbum

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    Having been Banding for more years than i care to remember (or can remember) and played for verious bands in the U.K.... What area in the U.K would you say is the Brass Banding Capital? My thoughts are the North West of England!
  2. TheMusicMan

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    ... and where is it that you live then...? ;)
  3. fattyfattybumbum

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    Born in Wales.... now live in Lancashire !
  4. DublinBass

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    For what its worth...and I realise this is a bit off topic, I would say Columbus, OH for the USA and Toronto, Ontario for Canada.

    (just trying to add some internationalness to this thread)
  5. David Mann

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    Queenshousethorpe-o't' barn.
  6. Matt Lawson

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    Seriously though - Huddersfield! Within a few miles we have Brighouse, Pennine, Marsden, Black Dyke, Yorkshire Co-Op, Lindley, Emley, Grange Moor, Huddersfield and Ripponden, Elland, Slaithwaite etc etc.
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    (except you missed an 'h'.... o' th' Barn ;) /pedant )
  8. iancwilx

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    As we say up here " Gerroutofit" - Yorkshire by a country mile.
    OK, ( Back pedal) I will concede that the national heart of Brass Banding is possibly, IMHO, anywhere within a 25 mile radius of Huddersfield, which I suppose, grudgingly, includes the heartland of Lancashire/Cheshire Banding.
    - Wilkie
  9. I have to say Yorkshire too. There seems to be a lot more brass banding going on down there. Although maybe not quite as much as there used to be?

    I come from Dumfries & Galloway (Scotland) and there really aren't that many bands which is disappointing because we don't get as much support as the pipe bands do.

    There are approx. 5 brass bands in D&G (correct me if I wrong) and only 2 contest - the band I play for, Annan and this year Dumfries Town started to contest again.

  10. David Mann

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    It's a hypothetical place in line with today's favourite word!
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    etc,etc to include Skelmanthorpe too, I hope. Two successful bands in one village.
  13. FlugelD

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    Or at least within 1 AU of the city limits... ;)
  14. Anno Draconis

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  15. nathan enis

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    It's got to be down in Yorkshire.

    Are we going to apply the 'It must have a cathedral' rule to be a capital city, or not?
  16. Would it not be the place with the highest banding population? I don't know where that is!
  17. millie6589

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    totally agree, definately Yorkshire!
  18. Bass Man

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    I would say Yorkshire too, it has certainly has the 'highest concentration' of quality bands IMHO
  19. The Wherryman

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    Perhaps someone would like to define the word "capital". It is a word often used to define the focal point of political power. Would such a definition change the debate at all?
  20. emziesonic

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    Yep, its got to be Yorkshire. Its the home of brass banding.