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    This time, we have famous bands, conductors, composers, soloists and National Championship top section test pieces (all past and present) given the word strangling treatment. In the hope that a few more will enter this time, I hope I've made things a little easier. By each anagram a code can be seen indicating whether the answer is B (band) C (conductor), CP (composer) S (soloist) and NTP (National test piece). In some cases, more than one code will apply!

    Once you've solved them, the first letter of each correct answer, (in the case of a name of a person, the initial letter of their first name) when shuffled correctly, will spell out a well known brass band virtuoso.

    Can I request (mentioning no names) that we don't have entrants pm-ing other potential entrants to say 'I've got most of them right' as it will discourage the 'victims' ;-) Ta. Please pm with your answers; deadline 4pm tomorrow.

    Cheers and good luck

    Give a rat insomnia (6, 10) (NTP)

    Ha! Hog trawler (5, 7) (CP, C)

    Bad fart on bell (6, 3, 4) (NTP)

    Blister chord (6,6) (C, S)

    Cow miller lover (6, 8 ) (NTP)

    Terrible TV-ing (7, 6) (CP)

    He hates wino (6, 5) (S)

    Elegant high-rise (7, 8 ) (NTP)

    Hated hopeless rivalry (12, 8 ) (B)

    A rash march drill (7, 8 ) (S)

    Surly glares (7, 4 ) (C, S)

    Rare slag, whatever (6, 10) (C)
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    Dave Payn Active Member

    Oops! 'Terrible TV-ing' should be (7, 6) not (6, 7). Edited on main post. Apologies!
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    i need 4 more arghhhhh its tuff
  4. spookybiking

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    i ownly need 1 more just 1 arghhh
  5. Dave Payn

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    You got another 23 hours and 35 minutes yet! Keep going Spooky!
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    all done good lucky everyone doing it.
  7. Dave Payn

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    Just over two hours to go! Thank you to all those who have entered thus far. No prizes so just have a go for the fun of it if you feel so inclined!


    Vary acid hand drip
    (see if you can work out my middle name from that one! ;-)
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    Erm... Frank?!
  9. Dave Payn

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    Yes, yes very 'sharp' accidental.... :)