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Would a regular band website review be of interest to you?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. kp51

    kp51 Member

    (Brackley site) it's pretty neat overall, but I agree about the readability. The contrast is a bit less than I'd like, but the font size is way too small for my old eyes.
    ;) KP
  2. MrSopranoMan

    MrSopranoMan New Member

    Fair point, on my work monitor it looked ok but that is hd, and guess I'm used to small fonts at work!

    Size and colour adjusted, hope this reads a little better!

    Thanks for the feedback! :)
  3. MrGinjaNinja

    MrGinjaNinja New Member

    Dumfries Town Band has a new website -

    Comments appreciated.

    The Band section will have individual profiles added shortly when we get them all at rehearsal.
  4. Matthew

    Matthew Active Member

    Some lovely sounds here: :)
  5. CamborneBand

    CamborneBand New Member

  6. catto09

    catto09 Member

    Re-launched about 6 months ago:

    Constantly updating with new features, and reviewing the way it's laid out.

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